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Spotlight: Home Repair Volunteer Jan

Jan has been a Core volunteer with Habitat's Home Repair team for 5 years, and she's proud to be the only female core volunteer. Learn more about Jan, the kind of work she does, and what it means to her.
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Spotlight: ReStore Volunteers Janis and John

  Janis Rose, who has a dry, acerbic wit that belies her good-natured friendliness, has been volunteering at the ReStore long enough that the start of her time with Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity is a distant memory. “It’s…
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Spotlight: Office Volunteer Rhoda

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While not as visible as swinging hammers on a jobsite or processing ReStore donations, Habitat’s office volunteers play an essential role in the organization. These dedicated folks handle behind-the-scenes work including volunteer data input, answering phones, printing materials, and more. Rhoda is an admin office core volunteer, helping in Homeowner Services.
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Celebrating our volunteers!

Core volunteers (weekly or bi-weekly) are foundational to Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity. Their commitment to service has helped bring thousands of adults and children home since 1983. What keeps them coming back, week after week and year after year? Overwhelmingly, it is a commitment to Habitat’s mission, the camaraderie of fellow volunteers, a sense of purpose, and fulfilling, feel-good work.
A ReStore truck driver straps down a sink from a Deconstruction job.

Celebrating Earth Day with the Asheville Habitat ReStores

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With Earth Day just around the corner, it’s an ideal time to reflect on how the Asheville Habitat ReStores fit into not only our mission and community, but our responsibility to minimize our waste. Our ReStores play a crucial role in recirculating…
Time To Spare. A Construction Volunteer Spotlight, Jonah Farris
A crowd of people waiting outside of the Weaverville ReStore on opening day.

Spotlight: Weaverville ReStore

This summer will mark the fifth anniversary of the Weaverville ReStore. Looking forward to the next half decade to come, we sat down with Weaverville ReStore Manager Kim Klaas to reflect on what makes the Weaverville store unique.
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Choosing the Mountains Over the Beach

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March is a fun and exciting time at Asheville Area Habitat as we provide an alternative spring break opportunity - Collegiate Challenge. Every year student from around the country comes to the Blue Ridge Mountains and spend a week volunteering with us.
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ReStore: Not Your Average Thrift Shop

From thrift to consignment and antique to vintage, the Asheville area is full of places selling second-hand items. See what makes the Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity ReStores unique.
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Housing: an issue we can all get behind

Habitat is non-partisan: we bring people together. We unite people of various religions, ethnicities, socio-economic classes, and political beliefs around the common goal of building a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Housing is an issue we can all get behind.
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Habitat ReStore Round Up: Small Change, Big Impact

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Shoppers at the Asheville Habitat ReStores can support more than Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity and affordable housing. Through the Register Round Up program, folks have the opportunity to contribute to the work of a wide range of non-profit…
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Here and Now

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Having an above-expectations experience, Jessie is quick to recommend AmeriCorps service as an excellent opportunity to explore career paths, learn and grow, or travel and live somewhere new.
2023 Xmas Jam Blog

Music builds homes

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On Friday December 8th at 3pm, our Glenn Bridge neighborhood in Arden will be bustling with more activity than usual. Following a short speaking program, Warren Haynes will join volunteers, supporters, and future homeowner Paul Mack to raise…
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Sharing a Special Milestone

In celebration of our 40th Anniversary and with the generosity of Mackenzie Scott, our Global Engagement Committee recommended a special tithe to three countries also celebrating 40th anniversaries. The Board of Directors approved wholeheartedly and we sent tithe funds to Habitat for Humanity in Kenya, Uganda, and India in 2023.

2023 ReStore ReUse Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of our 12th annual ReStore ReUse Contest! Thanks to all entrants for sharing your creativity and talent for a chance to win.
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Home Revitalization

When it makes sense, Asheville Habitat exercises our right to repurchase, revitalizes the home to like-new standards, and then sells it to another qualified homebuyer, like Ashley. This is our newest program, Home Revitalization.
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Joint Celebration of Service

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In celebration of our respective 40 year anniversaries, and in a nod to the deep importance of volunteer support at each organization, Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity and MANNA FoodBank spent a day in each other’s shoes, so to speak. And dual-agency volunteers that support affordable housing AND food insecurity each week were recognized.
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A new model for donors?

Most people who support affordable housing make a financial donation, volunteer with a non-profit working in that space, or advocate for policy change. A donor we’ll call Sarah took a different approach, we hope her story inspires others to think creatively to support affordable housing and programs that increase equitable access to housing in our community.
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St. Mark’s 100 House Marks Milestone

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In celebration of their Centennial, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church is sponsoring a Habitat home in New Heights.
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Asheville Habitat Volunteers Win Statewide Award

Volunteer duo Tricia and Charlie Franck (pictured R) were recently recognized for their extensive commitment to volunteer service with Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity. At the August 15th Buncombe County Board of Commissioners Meeting, the Francks received the Governor’s Medallion Award for Volunteer Service.
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2023 ReUse Contest Now Open

Now through September 30, residents can show off their creativity and talent for a chance to win in the 12th annual ReStore ReUse Contest contest. Fabulous furniture make-overs, remarkable renovations, or unique yard art…if you recently took on a DIY project using predominantly reused building materials, we want to know.
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AIP Model Wins House Design Award

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Asheville Habitat's single-level Aging in Place (AIP) townhome specifically designed for adults age 55+ was recently awarded "Best in Accessibility" in Habitat for Humanity International’s nationwide house design contest.
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Habitat’s Home Repair Program Expands to Madison County

Habitat's Home Repair team tackled their first ever project in Madison County for Thomas, client in need of a stable, safe porch. The home was built in 1856 and added onto in the early 1900s- perhaps the oldest home we've ever worked on!
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Volunteers: the hearts & hands of Habitat

Asheville Habitat’s volunteer program has grown over the years, alongside its programs. In addition to utilizing volunteers on new home construction, community volunteers work on home repair, deconstruction, in the ReStores, and in administrative capacities including office support and committee work. “Cores”- those who volunteer weekly and bi-monthly volunteers- are the foundation of Asheville Habitat’s volunteer program.

Blue Ridge Service Corps Spotlight: Natalie McNally

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Over the last six months that Natalie has been apart of our Decon team, she has learned how to extract cabinets and granite tops while keeping them intact, disconnect light fixtures and ceiling fans from both the electrical and mounting brackets, disconnect waterlines from sinks and drains, and more.
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Community benefits from ReStore Shoppers’ Generosity

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When you shop at the Asheville Habitat ReStores, you support more than Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity and affordable housing. You also have the opportunity to contribute to the work of a wide range of non-profit organizations meeting myriad…
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Building together for 40 years

Four decades of life-changing work is punctuated with impressive statistics and heart-warming stories. For Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity on its 40th Anniversary, those statistics and stories speak to the enduring power of partnership.
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SOID Explained

We believe that everyone deserves a decent place to live and that no one should be denied housing because of how they pay their rent. We encourage you to learn more about SOID and take action by urging your elected officials to protect renters from source of income discrimination. Together, we can help make decent housing accessible to more local families.
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Music Builds Homes and Communities

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To date, the annual Warren Haynes Presents: The Christmas Jam has raised more than $2.7 million for Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity, constructing 40+ Habitat homes and helping to pay infrastructure and development costs of entire Habitat neighborhoods.
AVL Habitat staff and volunteers receive Mompongo Award

A cause for celebration: $1 million milestone

Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity hit a Tithe milestone recently - $1M in lifetime tithe - a mark that only six of 62 North Carolina Habitat affiliates have reached. Asheville is the 65th affiliate in the United States, out of 1,085, to reach this milestone.
Best In Show 2022

2022 ReStore ReUse Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of our 11th annual ReStore ReUse Contest! Thanks to all entrants for sharing your creativity and talent for a chance to win.
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Vote YES on bonds

Asheville Habitat endorses bonds for housing and open space. I encourage you to vote “yes”  to help build a community where everyone has a place to call home.
Chef Steven Goff looks back over his shoulder outside his restauarant

What’s Cooking: Meet Blueprint Breakfast Chef Steven Goff

Chef and owner of Tastee Diner Steven Goff shares why supporting nonprofits is so important to him.
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Local Chefs Prepare Plates Reflective of Home at 10/13 Blueprint Breakfast

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Join AAHH and some of Asheville’s culinary best on Thursday 10/13/22 for a fun and delicious evening of creative cuisine and craft beverages in support of one of our region’s most pressing issues-- housing.
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“Never in my wildest dreams”

Alexander homeowner of 44 years now can live safely navigate her property, thanks to Habitat's Home Repair program.

Women building community- one affordable home at a time

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Learn all things Women Build- what it's all about, the history and how to get involved to help us build another energy-efficient, affordable home in West Asheville.
Joe Young sitting at his desk next to a sewing machine.

Volunteer Spotlight: Joe Young

In November 2021, volunteer Joe Young offered to help combat a growing problem under the Asheville ReStore: sewing machines were piling up in the basement. Despite having minimal experience with the machines, Joe pivoted from large appliance…
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Ukrainian families need our help

ReStore customers rounded up at the registers in April to support refugees fleeing violence in Ukraine. Donations will go to Habitat for Humanity International, who is on the ground in neighboring countries helping displaced families. You can help too!

Celebrating National Volunteer Week

Hundreds of Asheville Habitat volunteers were celebrated and thanked at Highland Brewing on April 20th during a National Volunteer Appreciation Week event.
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Meet office volunteers Aaron Finkel and Steven Casciato

Affectionately dubbed “The Boys,” Aaron Finkel and Steven Casciato are our exceedingly dedicated volunteers tasked with conquering piles of waivers and sign-in sheets ­– a task vital to the efficient operation of our large volunteer program.
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Home Repair through the eyes of volunteer Austin Brown

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If you ask Austin Brown about his favorite moment as a volunteer with Asheville Habitat, his answer might sound like a platitude: “they all are.” But that is not a brush-off.
Lou Towson (left) and Anne Justice (right)

ReStore Volunteer Spotlight: Anne Justice and Lou Towson

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Part-time volunteers and full-time friends, together Anne Justice and Lou Towson sort, curate, and price the enormous volume of jewelry that passes through the ReStore.
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Habitat receives transformational gift from MacKenzie Scott

Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity, along with Habitat for Humanity International and 83 U.S. Habitat affiliate organizations, recently received $436 million in unrestricted giving from American author and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. Of that, Asheville Habitat received $5M.

Blue Ridge Service Corps Spotlight: Evan Johnson

, , ,
Evan has spent the past nine months as a member of the ReStore’s Deconstruction team, a group of Asheville Habitat staff and volunteers that extract reusable building materials like kitchen cabinets, appliances, and bath installations prior to demolition or remodeling.
Swimming Pool Blog Image

Asheville’s Swimming Pool: Learning from the Past

In The Sum of Us, author Heather McGhee uses public swimming pools as a metaphor for her thesis that zero-sum thinking about race creates policies that hurt the whole community. In this blog post, learn the history of Asheville's Recreation Park and how the same zero-sum thinking that led us to "drain the pool” shows up in housing, too.
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13 Non-Profits Helped by Generosity of ReStore Shoppers in 2021

When you shop at the Asheville Habitat ReStores and round up your purchase to the nearest dollar, you don’t just support one non-profit, Asheville Habitat-- you contribute to the work of a wide range of NPOs meeting myriad community needs.…
Gift Guide Graphic

ReStore Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re struggling with the process of giving this year, consider stopping by the ReStore to try an idea from this guide. The ReStore makes for a reliable source of secondhand gifts that support safe, affordable housing with every purchase. No matter what you buy, your patronage allows us to help more families spend the holidays in the comfort of their own home. How’s that for a gift?
Kay Ponder Closing Day

First Two Aging in Place Homebuyers Move HOME

Thanks to a partnership with Deerfield, 8 single-level Aging in Place (AiP) townhomes specifically designed for low-income aging adults are being built in Asheville Habitat’s New Heights neighborhood-- and the first two buyers recently moved in.  
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ReThinking the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us!  And after rethinking how we do almost everything this past year, many of us now find ourselves rethinking how to do the holidays.  Whether you are staying at home for the first time ever and wondering how to celebrate without gathering, or whether your values no longer align with the traditional consumption and spending-centric holiday model- the ReStore has a few re-thought ideas on how to do the holidays this year... maybe with a little more reuse and home time, and a little less spending and gathering.
A child sits in a woman's lap on a porch while reading a book

5 Reasons to Donate to Asheville Habitat

A donation to Asheville Habitat makes homeownership possible for all of our neighbors, helps provide a stable foundation so children can thrive, allows homeowners to age in their communities, helps break the cycle of poverty, and helps families build strength, stability and self-reliance.
Reuse Winners Blog Image

2021 ReStore ReUse Contest Winners Announced

We are pleased to announce the winners of its tenth annual ReStore ReUse Contest. Entries were judged on quality of design and execution; replicability of concept; clarity of description; and quality of photos.
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Hike for Habitat to Raise Funds for Women Build

, ,
Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity and Blue Ridge Hiking Company are excited to announce the fall version of Hike for Habitat: presented by Jennifer Pharr Davis-- in-person guided hikes September 15-18 that will raise funds for Women Build.
5 Reasons To Volunteer2

5 Reasons to Volunteer with Asheville Habitat

5 Reasons to volunteer with Asheville Habitat: the people, the process, the product, the byproduct, and the legacy.
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Volunteers needed to build largest-ever neighborhood

, , ,
Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity is currently building New Heights, its most ambitious neighborhood to-date, and volunteers are invited to help build. Take an active role in ensuring everyone has an affordable place to call home by learning new skills or honing existing ones while working alongside community-minded people and future Habitat homeowners.
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Diane Bryson’s Comeback Story

, ,
The epitome of a "when life gives you lemons" story, Asheville Habitat volunteer, Diane Bryson shares about how volunteering with Asheville Habitat has helped make lemonade out of some lemons that life has thrown at her. Her attitude is an inspiration, and her power tools skills aren't too shabby either!
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Home Repair Makes Big Impacts

The Asheville Habitat Home Repair Program is an affordable housing superstar that tends to stay out of the spotlight while having a huge impact on our communities. It is integral in improving affordable housing in our area as it helps low…
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Piper’s Perspective

If you scheduled a donation pick-up by the Asheville ReStore at your home or business sometime in the last 18 years, odds are you probably spoke with Piper Parker, the ReStore’s Scheduling Coordinator. In a recent conversation, Piper offhandedly…
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Lumber prices adds to challenge of building affordable housing

Skyrocketing building material prices, supply chain issues, and a building boom has created a challenging environment in which to build affordable housing. Unlike other builders, Asheville Habitat can’t pass on to homebuyers increased costs.
Bill Feature Image

Bill Kantonen: Celebrating 25 Years of Service

Having a conversation with Bill Kantonen about the last 25 years of volunteering to build houses with Asheville Habitat is a little like eating at a 5 star restaurant. With a 25-year databank of stories, he has to be selective about what he…
Beth Feature Image

Beth Robrecht: A Multi-Disciplinary Volunteer

Beth Robrecht's volunteer service over the past 18 years is kind of like spinning a big wheel of fortune! She's landed in just about every service role possible in this organization, many times serving in areas of leadership while also volunteering at the ReStore registers. Beth has made an amazing contribution to this organization, but don't take our word for it- read her story of volunteering with Asheville Habitat here!
John Harvin Feature Img

The Man Behind the Hardware

During a year when ReStore truck crews were not been able to enter homes to remove large furniture items or appliances, it's not a surprise that Construction and Building Materials became the top selling merchandise category at the Asheville…
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Asheville Habitat Volunteers Hit Major Milestones in Service

, ,
When volunteers sign up to serve with Asheville Habitat, do they know they might be still serving 30 years later? That is the case for two volunteers this year, and many more have hit impressive milestones as well. Thank you volunteers, for continuing to stick with us, even through a very challenging year!
Decon Volunteer Spotlight Feature Image

Deconstruction Volunteers: A 2020 Success Story

, ,
If Donation and Deconstruction Manager Michelle Smith had been asked one year ago to predict the fruitfulness of Asheville Habitat’s Deconstruction program, her answer might not have been very positive. Smack in the middle of a 10 week shut…
Healthy Home Blog Image

My One Year Reflection

While we wait for our shots, I’ve been reflecting on how this experience provides a new way to think about the goal of building a community where all of our neighbors have a healthy and stable home. At a 2019 fundraising event, I quoted Dr. Megan Sandal comparing housing to a vaccine.
Business Partner Wall Blog

Thank you to the 2020 ReStore Business Partners!

, ,
The Asheville Habitat team is so grateful for all the community business partners who generously donate new and used merchandise to the ReStore each year. ReStore Business partners help build a strong foundation for helping families build strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable homes. Thank you so much to each ReStore business partner - we appreciate your partnership!
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Volunteer Spotlight: Brother Tom Sheehy

Brother Tom Sheehy has gone above and beyond in his commitment to volunteering with the Weaverville ReStore during an incredibly difficult year. Serving five full days each week, Brother Tom's generosity has made a huge impact on the Weaverville ReStore team and on the ReStore itself. Read more about this spotlight on ReStore volunteer, Brother Tom Sheehy.
Juliewhite 2.17.21

Women Build During a Pandemic

Working on the 15th Woman Build house has been a very different experience. When the house was started no volunteers were working due to Covid.  By the time core volunteers were brought in most of the framing and roof work had been done. I…
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The Impact of Rounding Up

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Apparently, in our community, greater need + greater challenge = greater generosity. Thanks to the generosity of ReStore shoppers rounding up their purchases to the nearest dollar through the ReStore Register Round Up program, Asheville Habitat donated over $18,000 to local non-profits serving the needs of our community in 2020. Read more in this blog post about the exciting impacts of ReStore shopper donations to these local organizations.
Racially Restrictive Covenant Blog Image

Unjust Deeds

It recently came to the attention of Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity that a parcel of land they purchased possesses a deed which contains a racially restrictive covenant. The language in this deed states that the property cannot be sold to “any person of the colored race.” As an organization that condemns structural racism in our housing system, Asheville Habitat will not transfer this deed to another owner with this abhorrent language.

Before and After: Home Repair for a former ReStore Volunteer

Carolyn knew it was time to do something about her floor when she had to move heavy furniture off of it and avoid walking on it altogether. Fearful she would fall through and injure herself, she turned to Asheville Habitat's Home Repair program. She was no stranger to Habitat because Carolyn served as a ReStore volunteer for four years.
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ReThinking the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us!  And after rethinking how we do almost everything this past year, many of us now find ourselves rethinking how to do the holidays.  Whether you are staying at home for the first time ever and wondering how to celebrate without gathering, or whether your values no longer align with the traditional consumption and spending-centric holiday model- the ReStore has a few re-thought ideas on how to do the holidays this year... maybe with a little more reuse and home time, and a little less spending and gathering.
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ReUse: Spotlight on Fabric

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Did you know textiles make up almost 7% of our landfills? And about 95% of the textiles in our landfills are either reusable or recyclable. This means that even those pieces of clothing that are so worn out that Goodwill doesn’t want them, still have a significant post-consumer future ahead-- if you’ll give it to them!
Lfl Twin Springs2

Building on the foundation of a stable home

For Tikisha and Terrell, their Habitat house has served as a foundation for a better future, a refuge in challenging times, and a place to always and forever call HOME.
Winners Announced

2020 ReStore ReUse Contest Winners Selected

, ,
What an amazing ReUse Contest this year! Check out the creations that took home the prizes, and find the link to view all other 2020 ReUse Contest entries.
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A Good Year for a Year of Service

We are thrilled to welcome back two AmeriCorps members for a second year of service - Chris and Jeannie, and three new members - Lilian, Amanda and MaryKent.
Jeff And Scott Blog Pic

Asheville ReStore Leaders Reflect on Past

, ,
Asheville ReStore leadership duo Jeff Bridgman and Scott Bianchi carve out a bit of time to share some reflections on three decades of ReStore operations.
Susan Diehn Old Store Original

After All These Years

, , ,
In a time when job-hopping is the norm and workplace engagement and attachment are at all time lows, a long time ReStore volunteer shares some refreshing reflections on her almost 3 decades of service with Asheville Habitat. 
Jeff At Hs

A ReStore Reflection

, , ,
I was hooked on the Home Store after my first shift and committed to several Saturdays each month. Two years later, a new staff position had been created and it was suggested that I apply. I wasn’t looking to make a move, I enjoyed teaching and loved the high school environment, but the opportunity to be a part of this mission was far too strong of a pull. My time in the Home Store, now the ReStore, yielded far more than I ever expected.
Restore Turns 30

A Story Worth Telling

Covid-19 precludes us from hosting a big event and sale for the 1-year anniversary of the Weaverville store and the 30-year anniversary of the Asheville ReStore. But we know there will be many more milestones to celebrate going forward. Please take a moment to read the Asheville Habitat ReStore story.
9 Biltmore Original

Evolution of a Secondhand Store

, ,
Thirty years ago, Asheville Habitat opened a used furniture store on Biltmore Avenue in downtown Asheville. Today, the affiliate operates two successful stores, is one of the highest performing ReStores in the country, and is annually recognized as #1 Used Furniture Store in WNC.

Reckoning with Race and Housing

, , ,
As an organization that condemns structural racism in our housing system, Asheville Habitat will not transfer this deed to another owner with this abhorrent language. We took the time to learn from the Register of Deeds and work with Pisgah Legal Services to draft new deed language that nullifies the racist restrictions. This is a small step in the right direction and we hope it inspires other property owners to do the same.
Mural Blog

Local Muralist Paints Tribute to Front Line Health Care Workers

By Maddy Alewine, Communications Specialist Now as Mission Hospital staff and patients look down at Biltmore Avenue and as people drive by Mission’s Emergency Room they will be met with a colorful and vibrant mural of gratitude for…
Southern Living Water Color 576x324

(BACK ON) Partnership Provides Unique Volunteer Opportunities

We are thrilled to be the non-profit partner of the 2020 Southern Living Idea House! Proceeds from ticket sales are expected to raise enough to build an entire Habitat home! Built by Buchanan Construction in The Ramble Biltmore Forest, this 3,500 square foot, Victorian-inspired timeless farmhouse will open for tours on Wednesday, July 29th.
Emily Curry Ct 5.9.19

Finding Purpose and Passion through Service

, , ,
When Emily Stevens began her first year of service with Asheville Habitat, she wasn't sure what to expect. Now, five years later, Emily is about to independently supervise the construction of a Habitat house for the first time. In the years between, she found her own dream team, and a career that keeps her active, learning, and always on her toes. But it all started with a year of service. Enjoy this blog post for the full story!
Boxes Feature

A Volunteer’s Memorial

, , ,
Two beautiful new additions to the Asheville Habitat for Humanity grounds are a constant reminder of one volunteer in particular, the generosity of our volunteers as a whole, and the inherent benefit and blessing that comes from being a volunteer driven organization.
Blog Pic

My AmeriCorps Story

, ,
Through both my service and my employment with Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity, a passion for affordable housing has been sparked in me. My work has given me the opportunity to grow in empathy and compassion and to seek solutions so that truly everyone has a place to call home.
Blog Pic

Still Working Towards Racial Equity

, ,
Asheville Habitat works every day to close the racial homeownership gap and expand access to stable and healthy homes. For 37 years, Asheville Habitat has built dozens of thriving diverse neighborhoods defying the lies behind residential segregation. Successful Habitat mortgages disprove the myths that justify "redlining" and predatory lending. Most important, we have empowered families to build a shelter against other forms of disparity.

A Safe Return

At the Asheville ReStores, the safety and health of our customers and team is number one priority. Read about the ways we are working to safely get everyone back to their treasure hunt and back to the mission of building affordable housing in Buncombe County!
Marty And Rick

When Quarantine Comes, Things Go

, ,
When asked if they had fun reminiscing as they went through all their things, Charlie laughed and suggested I halt my inquiry unless I wanted Tricia back in the garage removing things from the donation pile! She confirmed they had lots of fun traveling down memory lane, and that some items were easier to let go than others.
Fsi Hr 10.9.19 Jeanie

A most gratifying project

, ,
Our client had cerebral palsy and had been living independently for about ten years. He unfortunately was not able to keep up with the house and in turn the framing had sunk in and it was not healthy for him to live there. It was one of the toughest projects to date, but also the most gratifying.
Gtn Campaign Quintania

Homes, Communities, Hope & YOU

For low-income families, stay at home orders exacerbate existing struggles such as exposure to toxins like mold and mildew, overcrowded conditions, and unsafe neighborhoods. While this pandemic affects everyone, the effects on our low-income neighbors is most acute.
Business Partner Support

Updates from Our Business Partners

, , ,
Asheville Habitat for Humanity is successful in part because our local business community steps up to be part of the solution to the affordable housing problem. We want to support the businesses who support us, so we’re sharing some of the ways they are continuing to operate in these challenging times. Please consider patronizing them!  
35wchapel 2.28.20 001

A Safe and Dignified Living Space

By Maddy Alewine, Communications Specialist A home is more than a roof and four walls. Homeownership is the primary way Americans accumulate wealth. This is true for Victor, a retired forklift driver and Asheville High graduate, who inherited…
Names Of Volunteers Letter From Andy

A Letter To Our Volunteers

To close out National Volunteer Appreciation Week, Asheville Habitat Executive Director Andy Barnett has a message for our volunteers.
Thank You Remote Volunteers

Overcoming the Distance

, , ,
Happy National Volunteer Appreciation Week!! We recognize all our volunteers who have served and continue to serve remotely. Distance can't stop our volunteers!!
Monday Crew

Virtual Connections

, , ,
The routine of showing up to swing a hammer or lay flooring alongside a community of volunteers, staff, and future homeowners is for many Habitat volunteers as ingrained in their daily life as their weekly trip to the grocery.  As if the cancellation of all volunteer participation on jobsites wasn't interruption enough for our volunteers, there was another meaningful tradition within this weekly routine that was interrupted as well.
2020 Volunteer Appreciation Week Cropped

Celebrating our volunteers!

, , ,
Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity is recognizing milestones and thanking volunteers during Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 20-25). Though this year amidst Covid-19, it means ZOOM coffee breaks, mailed rather than hand-delivered cards, and gifts presented at a later date.
Lauren Rozman

AmeriCorps Stories: Lauren Rozman

, ,
“When I told my family and friends I was starting an AmeriCorps position, their response was mostly “Ummmmm, why?” What they thought was taking a step backward for me, ended up being a huge leap forward.”
Marquita Porch Pic

What you CAN do right now

, ,
How we engage with you is going to look different for awhile, but we can still be united in spirit and in individual action that has collective impact. Please read below for ways you can support us and the community during this unprecedented time. Thank you and be well.
Krysta Edited

AmeriCorps Reflection: Importance of Listening

, ,
"The more I’ve had the opportunity to speak with different members of the community (over 200 individuals in just one quarter!), the more I’ve seen the ways that the entire issue of affordable housing affects far more people than I ever thought it would. I came into my VISTA role knowing that there was a huge need, but as I’ve spent time talking with different community members, and really listening to their stories, I’ve seen many of the ways that housing can, and often does, divide people. Almost into the “haves” and “have not’s”. 
Chris Nolan

Exactly where I want to be

, , ,
A reflection by Chris Nolan, an AmeriCorps member who works on the Home Repair team. "Here at Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity, the first half of my year of service has felt like coming home to a place I’ve never been. In my first job…
Original Board Of Directors Wnc Habitat

Habitat Epitomizes Margaret Mead’s Theory

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My Anthropology degree and seemingly-unrelated career as a non-profit marketing professional intersect in this quote by American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  The innovative idea of "partnership housing" developed in the mid 1970's by farmer Clarence Jordan and eventual Habitat for Humanity founders Millard & Linda Fuller, epitomizes Mead’s theory.

Every Bit Counts

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By Beth Russo Let me introduce you to one of our newest supporters – Clara. Clara recently turned 3 and her parents threw her a birthday party. The theme was Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Rather than getting presents, her parents thought…
Champion Credit Union 9.12.19

Businesses Step Up to Support Affordable Housing

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Local businesses know that our entire community is stronger when residents – and employees – have decent and affordable housing. We see this throughout the year at Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity, but never more so than when building the Business Bungalow house.
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Nonprofit Collaboration Offers a Fresh Perspective on Volunteering

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The social justice arena can be an intimidating one to enter. The intricacies of policy can feel out of our grasp, and the feeling that the battle is always fought up-hill can be a deterrent to rolling up our sleeves and joining the effort. These apprehensions are more easily overcome when we hear the experiences and perspectives of a long-time social justice veteran; someone like Cassie Dillon.

New Partnership to Meet Senior Housing Needs

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Though older adults (age 55+) comprise 20% of Buncombe County’s population, they have limited access to affordable housing options designed to meet their needs. Coordinator for Buncombe County Aging Plan Alison H. Climo shared, “Neither…

Volunteer Team Makes Big Single-Day Impact

The population of aging adults in Buncombe County continues to grow, and one of the best ways to help residents live with more safety, security and dignity as they age, is to help them remain in the homes they already own.

The Service Experience – Thus Far

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This reflection was written by AmeriCorps Member Thomas Brennan. He works on Asheville Habitat's New Home Construction team. “This first quarter has been an amazing experience for me as I worked on all of the houses in our Candler neighborhood…

A Daily Exercise of Gratitude and Generosity

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Sarah and Andrew Beasley are always looking for ways for their children, age four and nine, to be more involved in giving back to their community. Like many parents, they want their children to be generous and kind, good citizens of the community. Asheville Habitat involves kids in its work and mission through a calendar activity called A Month for Habitat for Humanity.
Joe And Richard

Serving Country and Community

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On Veterans Day and every day, we are grateful for the veterans on our staff and in the ranks of our volunteers who serve our community every day.
Poder Emma Hr 10.26.19 005

Innovative Solution to Community Need

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Members of PODER EMMA and staff from Asheville Habitat’s Home Repair team came together to protect manufactured home residents and build community by having a community safety day to install new door security plates and solar-powered, motion-activated lighting.
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Behind the Scenes at the Asheville ReStore

If you’ve visited the Asheville ReStore, you’ve probably noticed we aren’t your average thrift store. With two levels, and around 27,000 sq. ft. of retail floor space, we more closely resemble a Home Depot than a neighborhood second hand…
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World Habitat Day

Asheville Habitat’s Global Engagement Program Embodies Overarching Mission of a World Where Everyone Has a Decent Place to Live There is no better day than World Habitat Day, October 7, to talk about Asheville Habitat’s Global Engagement…

An 828 Where Everyone Can Afford a Home

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By Beth Russo Living in the 828 is great! Whether you’ve been here for generations, or just got here as quickly as you could, the Western NC area – particularly Asheville - is a warm, welcoming place with great places to eat, drink, recreate,…

Welcome This Year’s Service Members!

Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity is pleased to add seven new team members who, through programs including AmeriCorps, VISTA, and Hands and Feet of Asheville, are beginning their year of service. Service program participants significantly increase Asheville Habitat’s ability to empower Buncombe County residents with affordable housing.
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Become a member of #build828, a monthly giving club, to support Asheville Habitat's work of building and repairing affordable housing in Buncombe County.

Got $10? Consider a monthly donation.

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by Greta Bush Do you ever look at your credit card bill and wonder how it got to be so high? You didn't make any major purchases. Then you look closely...$10 spent on a whim here, $6 spent adds up! I, for one, can't be trusted…
File Jun 20, 12 21 01 Pm

Grand Opening Set for New ReStore

Following a 9:30am ribbon cutting, we will officially open the doors to shoppers at 10am for the Weaverville ReStore Grand Opening celebration on Saturday, August 24th.  The community is invited to celebrate, shop, and enjoy give-aways, refreshments,…

What One Asheville Woman is doing About Gentrification

By Greta Bush As Asheville continues to land on national “Best of” lists, it is experiencing tremendous growth, and with that comes gentrification. In this article, we focus on why gentrification can be a problem and how one young woman…
Oldhaywood 5.23.19 003

Out of the office and onto the land

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By Ariane Kjellquist “Redistribution of dirt and water,” is not a phrase I expected to hear on my recent tour of Old Haywood, a future Asheville Habitat for Humanity neighborhood. But it’s one of the first things Director of Construction…

ReStore Shopping 101

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By Marty Steinberg “Shopping at the ReStore isn’t like shopping at other stores,” ReStore General Manager Scott Stetson reminds his staff members. “First time shoppers might not know how the green tags work or they might inadvertently…
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GVT: Powerful Stuff

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By Ariane Kjellquist 695. That’s how many pieces of specific-length re-bar Kaya Johnson cut with fellow volunteer Sue Koesters on her first Global Village Trip to Guatemala this past April. With a smile on her face the high school sophomore was quick to point out that they laughed and joked with each other all day, so despite the hard work, “it really was a lot of fun!”

A lot changes in 25 years

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By Beth Russo A lot changes in 25 years. Back in 1994, we were watching OJ Simpson in a white Bronco on CNN. Highland Brewery had just opened up in the basement of Barley’s Pizza. And a group of women attorneys decided to sponsor…
Andy Receiving Environmental Excellence Award At 2019 Trashion Show

Asheville Habitat Accepts Environmental Excellence Award

By Andy Barnett, Executive Director “What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?” ― Henry David Thoreau, Familiar Letters (1860) Asheville Habitat doesn’t think of itself as an environmental organization,…
Arden Finish 2000x800

A empty field to 21 homes, a thriving community

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Asheville Habitat is excited to announce the completion of its first neighborhood in South Buncombe- a 21-home community in Arden. Preliminary infrastructure began in the fall of 2016 and the last family bought their home, Student Build #4, in April of 2019.
Hr March2019 Stephens Hill Rd 001

Proud Recipient of the Parsec Prize

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We are thrilled to be one of nine non-profits to receive the Parsec Prize from Parsec Financial in 2019! Other winners were: OnTrack Financial Education & Counseling, Food Connection, Working Wheels, Asheville Art Museum, Susan G. Komen…
Restore2 Coming Soon Blog

We’re thrilled to announce…

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We will open a second Habitat ReStore in Weaverville in late summer 2019! The ReStore will lease the space currently occupied by ACE Hardware who is moving across the street. Though smaller than the flagship Asheville store, the Weaverville…
Joel Jan Garland Hr Vols

Garland Walker Helps Habitat Meet Growing Community Need

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By Sydney Monshaw Every Wednesday, the Home Repair team knows that rain or shine, Garland Walker (pictured above, R) will arrive at the Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity office ready to spend the day serving the families of Buncombe County.…

Jane Schwarz: Making the World a Better Place

By Zoe Trout After spending “38 long hot years in Houston, Texas,” Jane Schwarz and her husband, who is an artist and musician, moved to Asheville. They were attracted to our City’s artistic community-- and because being a vegetarian…

Planning for the Future with Brattan Gelder

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By Jeff Paul Owning a home is a BIG deal. And purchasing that home can be a stressful and confusing process. Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity’s Homebuyer Education program seeks to demystify the process and empower families to become…
Kaaren And Lynn

Kaaren and Lynn: A Meaningful Connection

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By Marty Steinberg “The art wall is the first thing you see when walking into the upper showroom and Lynn and Kaaren keep it looking amazing,” according to ReStore Upper Showroom Assistant Manager Brian Haynes. The proof is in the…
Sue And Bernie Koesters

Bernie Koesters: Making an Impact Locally and Globally

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By Ariane Kjellquist From rehabbing a 100+ year old house in Portugal and installing smokeless stoves in Guatemala, to teaching woodworking to “street kids” in Bolivia and building Habitat homes here in Asheville, Bernie Koesters (pictured front row, R) is driven by the belief that “we need to give back, especially those of us that have more. We have an obligation to give back.”
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Dancing, Singing and Celebrating Women Build

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By Sydney Monshaw Third Annual Rock the House: A Downtown Event to Celebrate Women, Construction, and Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity        Tuton Hall at Trinity Episcopal Church certainly was rockin’ on Saturday, March 23rd in…
Beth And Cassidy

Congrats to our Homegrown Leaders!

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Asheville Habitat's Cassidy Moore (L) and Beth Russo (R) recently graduated from Homegrown Leaders program, a regional leadership and economic development program that develops and supports highly-motivated leaders who are committed to building…
Buildfax 6.26.18

Businesses That Build Homes and Communities

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By Zoe Trout & Beth Russo We love our business community!Local businesses know that our entire community is stronger when residents – and employees - have decent and affordable housing. We see this throughout the year at Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity, but never more so than when building the Business Bungalow.
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AmeriCorps Get Things Done

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By Maddy Alewine  It's hard to put into a nice, neat paragraph how AmeriCorps impacts Asheville Habitat and in turn, the community. This year's five AmeriCorps- Sydney, Billy, Nora, Kaitlyn, and Mackenzie- started their year with us jumping in head first, taking on each new challenge with gusto and passion.
Alan William And Anne Justice At 10 Year Anniv Of Silent Auction

A Million Dollar Idea

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By Ariane Kjellquist Call it “a million dollar idea” by retired teacher, self-proclaimed antiques freak, and ReStore volunteer Alan Williams who was inspired by the TV program Antiques Roadshow. He recognized that some of the items donated to the ReStore held significant value to the right buyer. A Silent Auction, he believed, could help the ReStore raise more money for Asheville Habitat’s programs.
Wb&lowe's 5.11.18 008

What time is it? It’s Women Build time!

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By Betsy Warren Question: What time is it when power tools, social justice, hands-on activism, dancing, laughing, learning, and hundreds of Buncombe County women come together?Answer: It’s time for Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity’s WOMEN BUILD!!!
Robin Wb 7.6.17

Bucking the National Trend

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By Ariane Kjellquist Women in Construction. While it is no longer an anomaly, it is far from the norm. According to the National Home Builders Association, “the share of women in the construction industry is currently at 9 percent, although women make up almost half—47 percent—of the total working population.
Hoth Blog

It begins with us

By Maddy Alewine, Communications Specialist The results of the 2018 midterms are usually described in superlatives. The 2019 congressional freshman class is the most racially diverse and the most female group ever elected to the House.…
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Diverse Group of Sponsors Help Empower Five Families to Build Better Futures

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By Zoe Trout More than 100 Habitat friends and supporters recently gathered at Givens Estates for a 5-Home Dedication. Typically held on the jobsite, we take this celebratory event indoors in February and serve a warm chili lunch. Given’s graciously donated the space this year and their amazing culinary team prepared a delicious meal. We are grateful for their ongoing partnership and this new form of support. 
Decon 12.18.18 003

Volunteer Spotlight: Tom Weaver

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By Marty Steinberg It’s deconstruction day. Habitat for Humanity volunteer Tom Weaver arrives early, as he always does. He meets the homeowners, John and Irene, who have decided to donate their kitchen cabinets and appliances to the ReStore rather than see them go into the dumpster or to the scrapyard.

ReStore: A Picker’s Heaven

By Marty Steinberg Nestled in the mountains above Hot Springs, Tom Hare’s 1903 chestnut cabin is a retreat from modern living. A pot of chili simmers on a wood-fired cook stove. A table, made by Hare from the original wormy chestnut ceiling joists of the home, is set in the kitchen. A huge pot-bellied wood stove warms the living room.

Is a Qualifying Charitable Distribution (QCD) Right for You?

By Skip Helms, Asheville Habitat Legacy Builders Society Member, former Asheville Habitat Board Member, and President of Helms Wealth Management, LLC As the end of the year approaches, we want to proactively thank you for considering Asheville…

The Unpaid Bills… But Not the Kind You’re Thinking

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By Sydney Monshaw Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity has many unpaid Bills – but not the kind you’re thinking. These Bills have chosen to be left unpaid, donating their time and energy, often a few times a week, to help build and repair…

From Surviving to Thriving

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By Bill DuPre, Habitat for Humanity NC It’s a steep walk up the drive to Will and Savannah Alshaer’s new home in Mars Hill, NC. But once you’re there you can see a long way. Vision was a big topic at the home’s dedication in late…

A Light Bulb Came On

By Marty Steinberg A light bulb came on: it used less energy while helping to build affordable homes and it saved its purchasers a whole bunch of money. What a great idea! The Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore sells energy efficient…

And the Winners are…

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The Asheville Habitat ReStore is pleased to announce the winners of its seventh annual ReStore ReUse Contest. Ranging from fire pits and bars to pet beds and benches and everything in between, the 32 entries were constructed predominantly of reused materials. A panel of five judges selected winners in six categories: Furniture, Homesteading, Live/Work Space, Home Décor, Youth, and Best in Show. A winner was also selected in an added category, Community Contribution. The 2018 winners are:

A Concentrated Dose of Habitat

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The first week of September in South Bend, IN was what our Executive Director Andy Barnett affectionately coins “the Olympics of Habitat,” referencing the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project. An annual “Blitz Build” this event unites…

A Year of Service

We are thrilled to introduce our newest class of AmeriCorps members. We welcome Nora, Kaitlyn and Mackenzie to our team. Sydney and Janice were with us last year and have returned for a second term! My name is Nora Gilmer and I'm from Piney…

Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project

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ASHEVILLE, NC – On Saturday August 25th team of 10- two construction staffers and eight volunteers- left for St. Joseph County, IN to participate in the 35th annual Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project. This entire week the team is working…

Four More Families Home

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When drug activity in her neighborhood led to increased violence, LaQuila Harris and her daughter began spending their days at work and school, and their evenings anywhere but at their apartment. It was exhausting and LaQuila knew they could…

Photos: Coming Together to Help a Neighbor

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At age 93, Ms. Emma Aiken is a mother, a grandmother, a great grandmother, a great great grandmother and a great great great grandmother. Her daughter, Carol, explains that there are 165 family members -- which they believe is one the largest…

A Great Retirement Plan

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By Maria Angell Volunteering with the Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore is great for retirees - like Lee Fadden and Jan Wright - who have, combined, nearly 50 years of volunteer experience with the ReStore! Lee started volunteering…

Warm Up With Some Fair Trade Coffee

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Did you know that the Asheville Habitat ReStore sells Guatemalan roast coffee from Dynamite Roasting Co.? By the bag and the cup! Find it in the bookstore area of the store, on the upper floor. Proceeds from the sale of this coffee go to Habitat…

Community Connection

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By Maria Angell Interested in volunteering? Then maybe the Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore is the place for you; as it is for Mark Carter. Mark just started volunteering with us in January of this year and already loves the work…

Thank You March Madness Volunteers!

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As we near the end of this year’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week, Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity takes a look back to recognize all the amazing students and Collegiate Challenge groups who traveled to Asheville in March to volunteer…

A True Passion for Habitat

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By Maria Angell As soon as you walk into the Asheville Habitat ReStore, volunteer Rhonda McKenna’s smiling face is going to be one of the first things you see. Rhonda has a long history of volunteering, including her volunteer work with…

Thank You Volunteers!

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With volunteers central to our business model, Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity is recognizing milestones and thanking volunteers with small gifts and treats daily during National Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 15-21). Whether swinging…

Alternative Spring Breakers Arrive in Asheville

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March Madness is here, but for Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity that means an influx of student volunteer groups spending their spring break volunteering rather than heating up the basketball courts. The groups come from all over the country…

Habitat and its Roots in Racial Equality

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Some people know that Habitat for Humanity was founded by Millard and Linda Fuller in Americus, GA, but where did the idea actually come from? Even fewer people have heard of Koinonia Farm, the community farm and social experiment in Sumter…

Volunteers: The Fuel the ReStore Needs to Run

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It is common knowledge that volunteers help build Habitat houses. But did you know that volunteers are also imperative to the operation of the ReStore? There are nearly 140 volunteer shifts each week, many filled by folks who have been serving…

AmeriCorps Member Reflects on a Special Day

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The Most “Habitat” Day By Sydney Monshaw (pictured center and top far R) Towards the end of October I experienced a day so quintessentially “Habitat” it was almost unreal. As an AmeriCorps member serving with Asheville Area Habitat…

Build a Better Future With Your Holiday Gift

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Perseverance is the cornerstone of Lindsay’s life. It is how she cares for her son with cerebral palsy, how she is five years sober, and how she mentors families struggling with addiction in her job as a Peer Support Specialist. Now, this…

Homeownership Brings Friendship Full Circle

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By Shannon Kauffmann I met Kelly Lucy (above R) about eight years ago when I was working as a childcare subsidy case worker. She was one of my clients. Kelly recalled, “I remember the very first time that I met you because I cried through…

Shiloh: Let’s Build! Campaign Built More Than Houses

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This month, Asheville Habitat will complete the 10-home McKinley neighborhood off Taft Ave. in Shiloh, which also signifies the culmination of the three year Shiloh: Let’s Build! campaign. Houses built at McKinley (10), Creekside (4), and…

Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity Partners with Dynamite Roasting Co. to Ensure More Healthy Homes

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The Habitat ReStore will soon be selling Guatemalan roast coffee from Dynamite Roasting Co. – by the cup and the bag. Other area retailers will also sell the bagged coffee, which will be available in mid-late November, just in time for holiday…

Habitat ReStore Thanks Community with Annual Customer Appreciation Sale on Saturday, October 7th  

We're thanking the community for its ongoing support by offering 25% off storewide from 9am until 6pm on Saturday, October 7th. All ReStore merchandise - including furniture, housewares, appliances, building materials, music, art, antiques and…

Local Realtors Continue to Support Affordable Housing

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Just about everyone in Asheville knows how serious of a problem affordable housing is, but probably no one understands it better than our local realtors. For the month of August volunteers from Town and Mountain Realty, Candy Whitt and Associates,…

Tickets On Sale for the 7th Annual Poverty Forum

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The 7th annual Poverty Forum "Evicted: Housing Crisis in WNC" is hosted by Pisgah Legal Services and presented with Mountain Housing Opportunities, Homeward Bound and Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity. Please join us for a community conversation…

Six More Families Are HOME

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The heat and threat of storms didn't deter homeowners, sponsors, volunteers, staff and community well-wishers from welcoming six more families HOME. These six new houses, one of which is our 300th, are part of Habitat's McKinley neighborhood…

Wicked Weed Donates $75,000

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    Recently, Wicked Weed Brewing’s co-founder Rick Guthy presented Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity with a $75,000 donation. “We are very grateful to the Guthy family and to Wicked Weed for their generous gift. We will…

Committed to Accountability and Transparency

Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity has attained the coveted 4-star rating from Charity Navigator! This highest possible rating verifies that Asheville Habitat adheres to sector best practices, executes its mission in a financially efficient…

Finding a Niche in Retirement

By Alex Cox On this Thank You Thursday, we are recognizing two volunteers that contribute their time to repairing small appliances, lights, and other electrical items in the ReStore -- tasks that can be time consuming and are not necessarily…

Flexible Volunteers Contribute to Success of ReStore

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By Alex Cox Since proceeds from ReStore sales cover administrative and fundraising costs, the 140 volunteers that serve every week are essential in enabling the store to remain a source of funding that allows Habitat to serve families in our…

Inspiring Others Towards Excellence Through Leadership

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by Greta Bush What do you get when you mix humility, grace, and strong leadership together? One Bill Lineberry. Bill has been a Core volunteer with Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity since 2013, starting on the jobsite, then adding in a role…

Volunteering as Job Skills Training

By Rachel Rasmussen Jesse Trimbach initially reached out about volunteering with Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity (AAHH) because he was seeking more date entry experience. Since he started volunteering in Habitat’s administrative office…

150 Houses and Counting

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By Sammie Smith In the past 14 years, Bill Durant (above right), a core construction volunteer, has worked on more than 150 Habitat for Humanity houses between Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity and Henderson County Habitat for Humanity! After…

A Friendly Face at the Front Desk

Barbara Cooper has been volunteering at the administrative office of Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity since January 2016. We recently sat down with Barb to learn about her volunteer experience. Habitat: Why did you decide to volunteer for…

Every hand makes a difference

With volunteers central to our business model, we are recognizing milestones and thanking volunteers with small gifts and mid-day meals during National Volunteer Appreciation Week Habitat (April 23-29). Whether you're swinging a hammer at the…

New House, New Beginnings

The nine year old girl, center of her mother’s world, is too young to fully comprehend what her new Habitat home means to her mom and to their family. But she sure is excited to decorate her room and play with friends in her new neighborhood! Elizabeth,…

Volunteer Spotlight: Susie Emerick

By Alex Cox Every Tuesday, Susie Emerick arrives at the ReStore and begins organizing and preparing her work space. Susie works in the linens area of the store, a department that receives, cleans, and prices various fabrics that are available…

Spring Break Builders

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By Sammie Smith, Hands and Feet of Asheville Intern Every March, our construction site fills up with excited college students participating in their Alternative Spring Break. Collegiate Challenge - or as we affectionately call it, March Madness…

FREE Reuse Documentary Film Screening

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Join us at the Asheville Area Habitat ReStore (31 Meadow Road) to screen the documentary REUSE! Because You Can't Recycle The Planet. Learn about different ways people across the country reuse materials, and be inspired on what you can do,…

Meaningful Mondays

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By Alex Cox Saturday in the ReStore brings crowds of customers browsing the showroom for unique furniture, appliances, and other home goods. The donation drop-off lane is an equally bustling place. On Monday, after the excitement has settled,…

Building More than Houses

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Each February, we celebrate our Construction Services volunteers with an Appreciation Breakfast. This year nearly 80 volunteers and staff members gathered as we celebrated collective accomplishments, honored longevity, recognized significant…

A Treasured Partnership

By Kristen Keefer For ten years, Asheville Area Habitat has been partnering with Asheville Hampton Inn. The hotel network includes three Hampton Inns and one Homewood Suites by Hilton. Brenda Durden (pictured above), Chief Operating Officer…

Where Habitat Fits in the Movement for Racial Equity

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By Andy Barnett, Executive Director Earlier this week, we observed the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. The holiday provides an opportunity to reflect on the legacy of Dr. King and to recommit to a vision of equity for our neighbors who face…

One Volunteer Who Makes a Big Difference

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By Kristen Keefer Entering into her 23rd year of volunteering at the Asheville ReStore, Susan Diehn remains fresh and energetic in her role. Recruited by a friend, Susan began volunteering at Habitat’s when the store was at its previous downtown…

Sign Up Now for Singles Build!

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This Valentine's Day weekend join 30 other young, single professionals for a meaningful day of making connections and making a difference. Your $20 registration fee will cover the cost of building materials. Lunch is generously provided by…

ReUse and Rolemodel: Just a Few Reasons These Two Choose to Volunteer

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by Kristen Keefer Every Monday, Roger Gauthier and Stephanie Plemmons team up to assist people dropping off donations at the ReStore receiving dock. Their efforts help make the transition of items into the store efficient; while their kind…

A Glimpse into Deconstruction with Long-time Volunteer Tom Weaver

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By Kristen Keefer On and off for over thirty years Tom Weaver has been lending a helping hand at Habitat jobsites in the U.S., Germany, and Poland. Around three and a half years ago Tom retired and just a few months later decided to try on…

Everyone deserves an opportunity to build a better future.

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Last holiday season, Shawntale’s reasons to move were many: an indifferent landlord, rising rent, and too little space for an active toddler. But most of all, she wanted to own her home so she could give her son a more stable future. In Asheville’s…

From Bookstore to Boardroom: How One Volunteer Serves Habitat

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By Kristen Keefer It was over twelve years ago that Cassie Dillon (above, R) began her service at the Asheville ReStore. At the time, she was traveling throughout the week for work but was still determined to find time to serve her community.…

Fellow North Carolinians need our help!

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Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity and its community of homeowners have suffered a terrible fate in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Of Fayetteville Habitat's 154 homes, 93 Habitat houses have been flooded extensively, and 66 may be complete…

Hudson Hills is complete!

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“I come home each day through the street filled with smiling children on bikes, playing on the sidewalks and shooting baskets through hoops. I come home to people visiting and sharing and laughing and smiling on their porches or walking their…

A Delightful Duo: Lifelong Friends Provide Service to the ReStore

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By Kristen Keefer Carolyn McDonald and Jo Harvey, friends since childhood, meet every Tuesday to volunteer at the ReStore. The duo spends their time alongside core volunteer Susan Diehn at the checkout-counter. “Susan is great; she really…

Safe home in a tight-knit community is a dream come-true for the Trantham-Roper family

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By Kristen Keefer This past June, Vicki Trantham and her two sons Geoffrey (Roper), 25, and Rowan, 10, moved into their Hudson Hills home, made possible by proceeds from Warren Haynes Presents: The Christmas Jam. The family harnesses a special…

Creating Community Through Service

by Kristin Keefer Every Saturday, brothers Kris (far L) and Wayne (L) Ruth lend their time to the ReStore receiving area. They unload donations from vehicles, sort through a mixture of merchandise, and take time to really connect with donors…

City Bond Referendums on Your Ballot November 8th

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, and while we’ve all been hearing about the Presidential race for months, there are many other important issues in this year’s election. We’ll be electing a Governor and a Senator in our state, for example.…

Commitment to Service Deserves Celebration

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By Kristen Keefer Through a combined effort led by ReStore Volunteer Coordinator Carrie Burgin, the annual ReStore Volunteer Appreciation Party was a huge success! On Tuesday, September 20th, more than 150 attendees gathered at Highland Brewing…

Hardware Heroes

By Kristen Keefer If you're a do-it-yourselfer, contractor, or simply an avid thrift shopper, then you recognize the value of well-preserved secondhand tools. Every week the ReStore receives a mixture of hardware donations, from power tools…

Summer Intern Brings Energy, Enthusiasm and Willing Spirit

Isabel Arredondo does not come across as the nervous type. She is a confident, cheerful and very funny 16 year old. She hopes to be a physical therapist one day, but medical internships are hard to come by in Asheville. She was a little nervous…

Tithing Update: August 2016

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From the beginning, Habitat for Humanity's work has been global in scope, and the tithing of funds by U.S. affiliates has and continues to play a significant role in Habitat's global impact. Tithing through Habitat for Humanity International ensures…

Charting New Territory: From Office Intern to Construction Crew Leader

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By Kristen Keefer Enthusiastic Emily Stevens excels in new situations. Perhaps her ability to succeed is a reflection of how she fearlessly charts unfamiliar territory. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies at The College…

ReStore Volunteer Adds Another Role to His Resume

By Kristen Keefer Retired pastor Jamie Dale has been an admirer of Habitat for Humanity’s mission since he first became acquainted with the organization in 1978. So naturally when he began volunteering at the Asheville Habitat ReStore in…

Jim Dugas: Sewing Machine Expert and Man of Service   

By Kristen Keefer If you take a stroll through the Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore, whether through the sales floor or behind the scenes, you’ll promptly notice a strong crew of smiling faces performing a variety of different…
Contest guidelines and entry form

2016 ReStore ReUse Contest

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For the fifth consecutive year, the Asheville Habitat ReStore is encouraging residents to show off their creativity and talent for a chance to win the ReStore ReUse Contest. Garden shed, artist studio, chicken coop…tree house, dog house, playhouse…if…

The Du is Done!

We were absolutely thrilled to be the non-profit partner of the Asheville Duathlon, 10K Trail Run and Gravel Grinder Bike Events this year! And we are equally excited to say that we raised $17,000 which will directly support our Shiloh: Let's…

From Trip Participant to Trip Leader

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By Madeline McIntyre This week, we are saying thanks to Melissa Banks (pictured center in green shirt, and L and R), who recently led a Global Village (GV) trip to Asheville as a part of Habitat for Humanity International’s National Women…

100 Years Young

By Ariane Kjellquist Maybe it’s the 700 steps of exercise that he completes every morning at the Wellness Center. Maybe it’s good genes. Maybe it’s loving family and friends. Maybe it’s staying active and engaged in the community.…

Celebrating Those Who Share Their Time and Talent

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Volunteers support Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity staff and homeowner families in every aspect of their work. Last year, 2,000 volunteers contributed more than 60,000 hours of service – at a value of more than $1.38 million, according…

Volunteers From all Over the Country Unite in Asheville

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During the week of April 11-15, 14 individuals packed their bags with work clothes and boots and traveled to Asheville to build houses for families whom they had never met. While tourism in Asheville is growing, the city is also quickly becoming…

Friendship: Just One Reason to Volunteer

By Madeline McIntyre Betty Jo Readling started volunteering at the ReStore in the same way many others start: a friend asked. And we are fortunate enough that Betty Jo said yes. For ten years now, she has been a true leader among the volunteers,…

Help us welcome two more families HOME on April 15th

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Thanks to an anonymous donation through the Community Foundation of WNC, Asheville Area Habitat launched it first-ever Business Bungalow House last summer. All donations to the house by local businesses, were matched (up to $25,000) by that…

It’s March Madness Time!

March Madness is almost here, but for Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity that means an influx of college students spending their spring break volunteering rather than heating up the basketball courts. Each group brings 12-14 volunteers, funds,…

Making a Difference, Locally and Globally

By Madeline McIntyre The ReStore is thanking a long-time volunteer and top-shelf recruiter this week. Sherry Griffith (picture above R, and C in group shot) has been volunteering at the ReStore for ten years now and has no plan on stopping…

AAHH Announces New Executive Director

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (February 2, 2016) -- Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity today announced that Andy Barnett has been named as its new Executive Director. Barnett succeeds longtime Executive Director Lew Kraus, who has announced his retirement…

Committed to Service, No Matter the Task

By Jonathan Dermid The Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore is privileged to have a volunteer who embodies the spirit of being a “jack of all trades.” In his time with the ReStore, Ron Shimberg has volunteered in the bookstore,…

Kraus/Cooper Cottage Celebrates Lifelong Dedication to Affordable Housing

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In 1988, Lew Kraus accepted a one-year position as Executive Director with Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity (AAHH). That one year commitment extended into 28 years of working to provide decent, affordable housing for families in our community.…

Deconstruction: Doing the Heavy Lifting to Make Reuse Easier

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By Jonathan Dermid One of the first things that someone might notice upon entering the Asheville Area Habitat ReStore is the vast amount of building supplies and home furnishings that fill our showroom floors. From small love seats to mammoth…

It’s time again for “Before the Jam, Lend a Hand”!

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Saturday, December 12 will mark the 27th Annual Christmas Jam, presented by Warren Haynes. To date, the Christmas Jam has raised more than $1.8m for Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity, building houses and neighborhoods for hard-working low…

Middle School Student Wins 3D Printing Contest!

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On Saturday, December 5th, the Asheville Habitat ReStore announced the winner of its 2nd annual “Habitat for the Holidays: 3D Printed Ornament Contest”, kicking off sales of the 3D printed winning design in the store. Jacob Whitten, a 7th…

From Finance to the Fix-It Shop: Three Volunteers Find Their Niche in the Large Appliance Repair Area

By Jonathan Dermid Typically, when someone first enters the ReStore, some of the first items on display are our large appliances. A common question might be, “they look nice, but do they work?” Here at the Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity…

Computers and Phones, Not Hammers and Nails

by Jonathan Dermid Here at Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity, there is a small but dedicated group of volunteers that helps carry out our mission – without wielding a hammer at the jobsite or sorting donations at the ReStore. These are…

This holiday season, help change the future.

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Thanks to an affordable Habitat mortgage, Maria Lomeli, a warehouse forklift operator, is now able to provide her children with an opportunity that she didn’t have at their age - higher education. Her children took her advice and studied…

Thank You Thrivent!

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by Jonathan Dermid Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity is a multi-year, multi-million dollar mission partnership between Thrivent Financial and Habitat for Humanity International. Thrivent is the largest non-government partner and sponsor…

Asheville Area Habitat Volunteer Receives Statewide Award

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(extracted from NCHC press release) At the recent NC Affordable Housing Conference in Raleigh, NC the North Carolina Housing Coalition (NCHC) honored individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help ensure North Carolinians…

Side by Side for 17 Years and Counting

by Jonathan Dermid At the Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore, we have been diligently working for 25 years to fund our cause - affordable housing. As we have shown in previous blog profiles, none of this would be possible without the…

Gratitude for Givens Estate Partnership

By Jonathan Dermid At Givens Estates, a significant number of residents actively and happily participate in community service, which vitalizes their community and gives it an identity of meaning and purpose. Their volunteer program has the…

Celebrating Our ReStore Volunteers

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by Jonathan Dermid The bonding and teamwork among our volunteers is a common thread that links these blog profiles. Every week it seems, our volunteers share a similar sentiment - they love to volunteer because not only do they support the…

Announcing 2nd Annual “Habitat for the Holidays: 3D Printed Ornament Contest”

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If you missed it last year, now is your chance to enter the second annual “Habitat for the Holidays: 3D Printed Ornament Contest”! 3D printing is all the rage, and here is your chance to dip your toes in the water or, show us your skills…

Couple Bonds Over Volunteerism

By Jonathan Dermid At the Asheville Habitat ReStore, no single volunteer is an island unto themselves. They all work together in collaboration to effectively further the cause of Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity, and for some, this team…

And the winners are…

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Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 ReStore ReUse Contest!   Best in Show – Paul Willard Tree house built with recycled materials "I redesigned and expanded a deck for a family with three young boys. Talk of a tree house was heard…

Two Former Government Employees Find Fulfillment and Fun at the ReStore

By Jonathan Dermid If you’ve ever dropped off items on a Wednesday morning, you might never have guessed that two of the men helping you unload your donations are former employees of the US Department of State and the National Security Agency…

On Sale Day and Every Day, Volunteers Contribute to ReStore Success

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by Jonathan Dermid Last Saturday, September 12th, we celebrated the ongoing support of our wonderful community with the annual Fall Customer Appreciation Sale at the ReStore. The celebration was an all-day affair, with everything from a live…

Another Successful Day of Caring

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by Jonathan Dermid Today, September 10th, United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County celebrated their 24th annual Day of Caring through their Hands On volunteer program. The Day of Caring is a volunteer program run through United Way that…

Strong Response Provides Launching Pad for Business Bungalow #2

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Local businesses are deeply concerned about the lack of affordable housing in Asheville, and they're doing something about it. The response to our first ever Business Bungalow was so great that the house is fully funded and we have seed money…

Reading enthusiast finds volunteer home at Habitat

By Jonathan Dermid If the Asheville Habitat ReStore has a hidden gem, it would be the used bookstore. Tucked away in the back of the upper showroom, it may seem to be just another thrifty book corner. But as soon as you enter, you feel how…

Helping People Live Better in the Home They Already Own

Not everyone needs a new home; some just need help repairing the home they already own. Meet Abdul Ahmad, one of our Home Repair Clients Written by Pat Bacon Abdul Ahmad’s gently creviced face, framed in cropped shiny white hair, is equally…

Volunteering to fix things, for the fun of it

Spotlight on the ReStore's Wednesday Small Appliance Repair Crew By Jonathan Dermid At the Asheville Habitat ReStore, we take great pride in our staff and volunteers. Not only are they the backbone of the store and its functionality, but their…

Working on a Dream

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by Jonathan Dermid Some might consider “The American Dream” a bygone ambition, the idea of owning one’s own home a pipe dream. Thanks to perseverance, hard work, and a caring community, the Ender family will soon realize their dream and…

More Than Meets the Eye

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Thrivent Financial supports Habitat in many different ways.   It was still early morning on the jobsite, but I could feel that the day was going to be a hot one. There was a group of volunteers that had traveled from Wisconsin, Michigan,…

ReStore Manager Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

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At the recent national Habitat for Humanity Affiliate Conference in Atlanta, retired Asheville Habitat ReStore Manager Jay Sloan (L) was bestowed a Lifetime Achievement Award. He was one of three recipients nationwide to receive this prestigious…

A reason to celebrate

On Saturday, May 31st Habitat homeowner-to-be Rhonda Kensinger (right) worked her final 7 hours towards her 200 hours of required Sweat Equity. But for Rhonda, it's not over. She remarked, "We still have a whole neighborhood to finish!" and…

ReStore Silent Auction Celebrates 10 Years & Another Home for a Local Family

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In May 2005, Habitat volunteer Alan Williams set up the very first ReStore Silent Auction. In the ten years since its inception, the auction has raised $670,000, grown to be an important part of the Asheville ReStore, and is now the envy of…

Asheville Area Habitat to Benefit from Concert with Musical Patriarch Jim Avett

NewSong is excited to announce the upcoming concert, ‘An Evening of Story & Song with Jim Avett.’ The show will begin at 7 PM on Saturday, June 6 in the beautiful and acoustically rich Sanctuary of downtown Asheville’s Central United…

Habitat Announces First “Business Bungalow” House

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Affordable housing is one of the most pressing unmet needs in our region. A recently released report* indicated that the combination of a lack of affordable units, a critically low vacancy rate and a significant projected population growth will…

Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity and Lowe’s teamed up for National Women Build Week

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On Friday, May 8th, local Women Build volunteers and Lowe’s Heroes employee volunteers were among more than 20 volunteers who joined Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity to help build affordable housing in Asheville as part of National Women…

Update on the Student Build House

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Our Sponsorship Coordinator, Betsy Warren, writes wonderful updates for our house sponsors. We just had to share her latest one to the sponsors for the Student Build House (students and faculty at Asheville Christian Academy, Carolina Day School…

Community Spirit is Alive and Well at Carney Place

Two recent activities at Carney Place, an Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity neighborhood that received a 2014 Housing NC Award, epitomize what we often refer to as community. Last week homeowners in this engaged and vibrant neighborhood hosted…

Another Home Repair Success Story

The Barnard Family - Comfortable and Happy in Their Recently Repaired Home Written by Pat Bacon, Habitat’s Family Support Specialist When I pulled into the snowy driveway that faces the Barnard house, I could see a curtain move from one…

Celebrating National Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 12-18) with a very special house dedication and more

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Volunteers support Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity staff and homeowner families in every aspect of their work. Last year, 2,100 volunteers contributed more than 64,000 hours of service - a service valued at more than $1.3 million!* Another…

Rival High Schools Unite to Build a House

For the second time in Buncombe County, local high school students are raising funds and volunteering to sponsor an Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity home. The students will celebrate the start of the 2015 Student Build House with a wall raising…

MANNA Sale on Saturday, March 21st Supports Two Important Issues

The Habitat ReStore will host a one-day food drive for MANNA FoodBank on Saturday, March 21 from 9am-6pm.  Customers who bring 5 cans of food will receive a 20% discount on purchases made that day. Lack of safe, decent and affordable housing…

Jobsites Heat up for March Madness

March Madness is here, but for Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity that means an influx of volunteer groups spending their spring break volunteering rather than heating up the basketball courts. The groups come from all over the country and…

Earth Day Incentive – Get Cleaning!

Clear the clutter, empty your attic and take back your garage! There is no better time than now to start your spring cleaning. To help motivate Buncombe County residents, during the month of March the Habitat ReStore will give merchandise donors…

Core Construction Volunteers Honored

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“Core” Construction volunteers are those who help Habitat build and repair homes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Last year, these core volunteers helped Asheville Area Habitat build 14 new Habitat houses in Swannanoa, Shiloh and West Asheville.…

More than paper and staples

By Rhonda Kensinger, Habitat Partner Family in process Small children have no concept of time. Jimbo and Nick were no exception. I forgot about something I did - more out of self preservation from the "When are we going to Disney?" kind of…

Students Leading the Charge to House Sponsorship

Students from Asheville Christian Academy, Carolina Day School, and Christ School are already well on their way to making the second Habitat Student Build House in Buncombe County a reality. These schools have committed to jointly raise the…

From Books and Gardens to Schools and Homes, Habitat’s Partnership with the Shiloh Community Continues to Grow

In 2014, we celebrated the completion of the nation’s very first “Pope Francis House”, an energy-efficient 4 bedroom/2 bath Habitat house in Shiloh that is now home to the Meadows family. This was the most recent of 41 single-family homes…

Setting a Good Example

What makes the current Silent Auction so special? Every item in it was donated by Brian and Susan Haynes! Looking to be a model for other families who are downsizing, cleaning out an estate, or simply pairing down their possessions, the Haynes…

New Year Truly Marks a New Beginning for Local Family

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The New Year is symbolic of new beginnings, resolutions, and goals. For Lekisha Beamon and her two children, 2015 will truly mark a fresh start. On Friday, January 9th at 12 noon in Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity’s Hudson Hills subdivision,…

Meet your match on the Habitat jobsite!

This Valentine's Day, join 30 other young, single professionals for a meaningful day of making connections and making a difference. Your $20 registration fee will cover the cost of building materials and lunch. Participants will also take part…

Asheville Area Habitat Receives Malachi 3:10 Award for Tithe Contributions

Recently, Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity (AAHH) was presented with Habitat for Humanity International’s Malachi 3:10 Award for surpassing the $500,000 benchmark in our tithe program. Mike Carscaddon, Executive Vice President of International…

Winner Reveal! 3D Printed Ornament Contest

On Wednesday, December 17th Habitat and Spectra 3D Technologies announced the winning design of the first “Habitat for the Holidays: 3D Printed Ornament Contest”. After the reveal, multiples of the winning 3D ornament became available for…

Give the Gift of Habitat

Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further! When you give to Habitat*, you build much more than houses. Houses become homes. Communities take shape. And dreams once out of reach before possibilities. This holiday season, please help more…

Habitat for the Holidays: 3D Printed Ornament Contest

3D printing is all over the news these days and now you get a chance to be part of the next big thing. Starting today through November 24th, the public is invited to submit original 3D designs to “Habitat for the Holidays: 3D Printed Ornament…

Carney Place Wins Statewide Housing Award

Four housing developments, including Asheville Area Habitat’s Carney Place, and the cities of Asheboro and Jacksonville recently received Housing North Carolina Awards for excellence in affordable housing. The winners were selected for affordability;…

Warren Haynes Presents: The 26th Annual Christmas Jam on December 13, 2014

On October 6, 2014 - World Habitat Day - Warren Haynes announced that the 26th Annual Christmas Jam will be held on Saturday, December 13, 2014. Held at the US Cellular Center in Asheville, NC this year's benefit concert will feature Vince Gill,…

Home Repair Program Makes One Shiloh Resident Dance with Joy

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Written by Pat Bacon, Habitat's Family Support Specialist Eugene (Gene) Rone’s mother died in 1929, just thirteen days after he became a year old. On her death bed, his mother asked his seventeen year old sister, Willie Mae, to take care…

ReUse Contest Winners Announced!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the third annual ReStore ReUse Contest. The forty entries ranging from furniture to houses and everything in between, were built using predominantly reused materials. The judges selected winners in…

Pisgah Brewing Company, F.A.T.E., Asheville Area Habitat and WNCW Join Forces for the end of season closer on the Outdoor Stage for WNCW’s 25th Anniversary

{From Pisgah Brewing Company press release} Pisgah Brewing Company is hosting their end-of-season celebration for the Pisgah Brewing Outdoor Stage the last weekend of September, which will jointly benefit and celebrate 25 years of stellar local…

ReUse Contest: People’s Choice voting 9/5 – 9/15

Voting is now open for the People's Choice award in the 2014 ReStore ReUse Contest! Vote in the Asheville ReStore (lower level showroom, on the wall) and/or on Pinterest between 9/5 and 9/15. One vote per person, per location. Our panel of judges…

ReStore Thanks Customers with Big Sale

We're saying thanks to the community for its ongoing support by offering 25% off storewide from 9am until 6pm on Saturday, September 13th. All ReStore merchandise - including furniture, housewares, appliances, building materials, antiques and…

23 Years and Still Going Strong

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Last Friday, under a hot end-of-summer sun, we kicked off Labor Day weekend "Habitat-style". With the help of local United Methodist and Presbyterian churches, Elisabeth Pallante and her husband Joshua London celebrated new beginnings as they…

Habitat Celebrates Completion of 9th “Women Build” Home

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On Friday, August 22nd at 3:30pm in Swannanoa, Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity will hold a key presentation ceremony to celebrate the completion of its 9th Women Build home and the beginning of the Stynka family’s new future. With Women…

Habitat Welcomes Jill Franklin Home

Originally from Asheville, NC, Jill Franklin is excited to return to her hometown and thrilled to have the opportunity to continuing working for Habitat for Humanity. Recently hired as Family Selection Coordinator, Jill will be responsible…

Help for the Helpers

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Marion and Thelma Scott are delightful. They’re the kind of folks who make good neighbors and enhance neighborhoods. They moved to Asheville in 1995 after having lived in Norwalk, Connecticut for thirty-six years. In Connecticut Thelma was…

Enjoy a Special Evening at the Biltmore Estate to help Habitat

    Save the Date - Friday, October 10th Asheville Area Habitat is thrilled to be the beneficiary of the 2014 Annual Biltmore Benefit, co-hosted by Colton Groome and Company. The event will take place on the evening of Friday,…

Warren Haynes Donates $500,000 to Asheville Area Habitat  

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Christmas came early in Asheville this year when Warren Haynes presented Asheville Area Habitat with the proceeds check from the 2013 Warren Haynes Presents: The Christmas Jam -- a record-breaking $500,000! Haynes who played in Charlotte, NC…

Farewell to our longtime ReStore Manager

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In 14 years of managing Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, Jay Sloan led the store to be the 3rd in the nation for sales - out of nearly 800 ReStores! Jay served as ReStore General Manager for 12 years and stepped into a position…

First-Ever Family Vacation

We love hearing success stories from our families—it is “gas in our tank” as we like to say. The other day, our Family Support Administrator, Jeff Paul, was catching up with a Habitat homeowner who moved into her home last October. She…

3rd Annual ReStore ReUse Contest

The 2014 contest has ended. Winners will be announced later this month (September). The purpose of the contest is to showcase innovative building projects constructed predominantly of used building materials. “Our customers often tell us…
Street sign - Soulshine Court

New Subdivision, Hudson Hills, to Start in West Asheville

Neighborhood will honor Warren Haynes’ commitment to Habitat This July, Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity will begin building a cul-de-sac of 25 single-family Arts & Crafts style homes off Johnston Boulevard in West Asheville. The neighborhood…