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“Action is the antidote to despair.” ~ Joan Baez

Asheville Habitat stands with those in Minnesota and across the United States mourning the injustice endured by our African American neighbors. Black lives matter.

We recognize the institutional and systemic racism that exists in education, employment, housing, health, and public safety and the persistent racial disparities that result. This must change.

Asheville Habitat works every day to close the racial homeownership gap and expand access to stable and healthy homes. For 37 years, Asheville Habitat has built dozens of thriving diverse neighborhoods defying the lies behind residential segregation. Successful Habitat mortgages disprove the myths that justify “redlining” and predatory lending. Most important, we have empowered families to build a shelter against other forms of disparity.

We’ve done a lot but we have more to do. Let’s put love in action. Let’s bring people together. Let’s build homes, communities, and hope.

Here are some ways to work towards racial equity.