Don’t send those kitchen cabinets to the landfill.

Contact our deconstruction team and see if we can help!


Don’t put a sledgehammer through those kitchen cabinets and toss the sink into the dumpster!  That might make good TV, but it doesn’t help the environment or our community.  If you’re thinking about remodeling, contact our Deconstruction team. We will gently extract reusable building materials prior to demolition or remodeling and sell the salvaged building materials and supplies like kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances at the ReStore. Proceeds from ReStore sales help fund Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity’s building and repair programs.  

For more information about Deconstruction, please call Michelle Smith at 828-777-2572 or email

Services and Cost

We’re Here to Help

Working with homeowners, businesses, and construction and home improvement industry professionals, we identify materials and items suitable for reuse. Then, our Deconstruction team carefully removes salvaged items and brings them to the ReStore where they are sold to the public. This helps reduce the cost of home-improvement for Buncombe County residents while simultaneously funding Habitat’s mission of building and repairing homes in partnership with low-income families.


Kitchens:  Kitchen cabinetry and appliances are popular products among ReStore shoppers. Our Deconstruction team will carefully de-install and remove your cabinets, countertops, and appliances so that they may be used by someone else.

Baths:  Time for a bathroom remodel? We can remove your vanity, commode, and any lighting fixtures that you are replacing.

:  Projects that don’t fit neatly into another category — metal wheel chair ramps, doors, construction warehouse clean-out, and more — may be taken on a case-by-case basis. Please call to inquire.


Fees vary based on the scope of work but are nominal compared to market rates. For more information, please call Michelle Smith at 828-777-2572 or email

Why Deconstruction?

The Habitat ReStore resonates with “Ashevillians” who are known for their love of love of reusing, recycling and repurposing. The ReStore gives unwanted items a second lease on life. You might not want, need or love that sink, door, range, or light fixture anymore, but we know one of our shoppers will! Fun fact: we once sold a complete kitchen cabinet set before it had even been unloaded from the truck and moved into the ReStore showroom!

Annually, the ReStore diverts 1,650 tons of usable materials from local landfills. This is important because country-wide it is estimated that 10% to upwards of 25% of all solid waste entering the waste stream is from construction and demolition. Likewise, experts estimate that 80% or 90% of demolition waste could be reused or recycled. The increase in costs associated with sending materials to the landfill, coupled with an ever increasing number of landfill regulations, has driven the search for new and creative ways to keep these materials out of the waste stream. With Deconstruction salvaging material and the ReStore selling those salvaged goods, Habitat reduces the amount of material sent to local landfills.

Habitat is committed to building new houses and preserving existing homes. ReStore proceeds help fund our building programs and help cover Asheville Area Habitat’s fundraising and administrative costs. Your donation of merchandise through the Deconstruction program directly supports Habitat’s building programs and thereby changes the lives of families in need of safe and decent housing.

You will receive a receipt for items you donate to the ReStore through Deconstruction. If you itemize on your tax return, you can deduct your donation(s) of merchandise. Consult your tax advisor for details.


“Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore‘s Deconstruction team helped us by removing items as we prepare to renovate a client’s home. They were very professional and tidy as they gently removed everything from kitchen cabinets, granite countertops, bathroom vanities, light fixtures, etc. leaving a clean slate for us to work with. This saved our client money, and we all felt good that the materials could go towards raising funds for Habitat’s work in our community. We will definitely hire you again— thank you!”

“I am grateful that Habitat is here to help the community where we live and gives us a way to reuse items that would otherwise go to the landfill.”

“Thank you for coming out for the estimate and helping us with this deconstruction. You have been so helpful with this process and we truly appreciate the good work you do.”

“Your services are truly appreciated and we’re happy to be a contributor to such a fantastic cause.”

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