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    Our Team

Our Team


Executive Director:
Andy Barnett, abarnett@ashevillehabitat.org

Office Manager & Executive Assistant:
Laura Walker, lwalker@ashevillehabitat.org

Human Resources Manager:
Sheila Garcia-Garmon, sgarcia@ashevillehabitat.org

Operations Associate:
Jenny Bromley, jbromley@ashevillehabitat.org

Facilities Maintenance Assistant:
Sebastian Doty, sdoty@ashevillehabitat.org

Development Director:
Kit Rains,

Senior Development Officer:
Cassidy Moore,

Development Officer:
Beth Coakley, bcoakley@ashevillehabitat.org

Development Officer:
Zoe Trout

Development Officer, Events:
Eva Mellert,

Development & Grants Specialist:
Jennie Goldenberg, jgoldenberg@ashevillehabitat.org

Communications Director:
Ariane Kjellquist,

Communications Specialist:
Maddy Alewine,

Communications Coordinator:
Danny Mendl, dmendl@ashevillehabitat.org

Project Specialist:
Jessica Auer, jauer@ashevillehabitat.org

Homeowner Services Director:
Shannon Kauffman, skauffman@ashevillehabitat.org

Homeownership Counselor:
Jeff Paul,

Loan Processor:
Jessica Gustines, jgustines@ashevillehabitat.org

Finance Director:
Bob Dalman, bdalman@ashevillehabitat.org

Accounting Associate:
Morgan Nuss, mnuss@ashevillehabitat.org

Accounting Specialist:
Jesse Edgerton, jedgerton@ashevillehabitat.org

Accounting Specialist:
Alice Donnelly,

Questions about merchandise for sale, merchandise donations or to schedule a pick-up, please call 828-254-6706.

ReStore Director
Jeff Bridgman,

Asheville ReStore Manager
Scott Bianchi,

Asheville ReStore Assistant Manager
Amanda Smith, asmith@ashevillehabitat.org

Weaverville ReStore Manager
Kim Klaas, kklaas@ashevillehabitat.org

Weaverville ReStore Assistant Manager
Eric Tamila,

ReStore Volunteer Manager
Carrie Burgin,

Scheduling Coordinator
Piper Parker,

Donation & Deconstruction Manager
Michelle Smith, msmith@ashevillehabitat.org

To see a list of all ReStore staff, click here.


Construction Services Director:
Paul Reeves,

Construction Services Volunteer Manager:
Stephanie Wallace,

Construction Manager:
Jarrod Jarvis, jjarvis@ashevillehabitat.org

Senior Construction Supervisor:
Kenny Busch,

Construction Supervisor:
John Meadows,

Construction Supervisor:
Will Lewis, wlewis@ashevillehabitat.org

Construction Supervisor
John McDermott, jmcdermott@ashevillehabitat.org

Construction Supervisor
Pete McKelvey, pmckelvey@ashevillehabitat.org

Construction Administrator:
Sumaya El-Attar,

Home Repair Manager:
Joel Johnson,

Home Repair Supervisor:
Sara Egan, segan@ashevillehabitat.org

Home Repair Supervisor:
Ben Wyatt, bwyatt@ashevillehabitat.org

Home Repair Supervisor:
Brandon Yoho; byoho@ashevillehabitat.org

Home Repair Supervisor:
Cherish Stephens-Vickers, cstephensvickers@ashevillehabitat.org

Home Repair Administrator:
Maggie Shoup, mshoup@ashevillehabitat.org

Volunteer Coordinator (AmeriCorps):
Jessie Israel, jisrael@ashevillehabitat.org

Home Repair (AmeriCorps):
Matthew Grant, mgrant@ashevillehabitat.org

Blue Ridge Service Corp:
Natalie McNally, nmcnally@ashevillehabitat.org

Interested in joining our team? View current job openings here.

Board of Directors

Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity is led by a Board of Directors that sets policy for the organization and leads fundraising efforts. Board members are elected to three-year terms, and all board members are volunteers.

Brad Olson

Vice President
Mychal Bacoate

Joe Ward

Melissa Banks

Kevin Click

Michael Dempsey

David English

Tricia Franck

Spencer Hardaway

Leslie Hennessee

Sidney Mashburn

Stacey Parkins Millett

Steve Miller

Karl Payton

Larry Peek

Jessica Phelan

Brad Rice

Elizabeth Sims

Wes Wright

Core Volunteers

We are grateful to our core volunteers who make a regular commitment to serving Asheville Habitat – whether by swinging a hammer, answering office phones, helping ReStore customers or serving on a committee.

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet ReStore Volunteer Joe Young

By Danny Mendl

In November 2021, volunteer Joe Young offered to help combat a growing problem under the Asheville ReStore: sewing machines were piling up in the basement. Despite having minimal experience with the machines, Joe pivoted from large appliance repair and set to work. Today, he is a seasoned sewing machine repairman putting his love for fixing and maintaining tools into a new passion. We sat down with Joe on National Sewing Machine Day to talk about his volunteer work, history, and, of course, sewing machines.

Hear from Joe in this short video.