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Become a Sponsor

You can help build our community! Businesses large and small, myriad faith communities, and various coalitions of like-minded folks come together to fund, repair, and build homes and communities. We are also honored to have the support of individuals and families who sponsor in memory or honor of a loved one, as well as foundations that understand just how capital-intensive our work is.

We are currently building a neighborhood in Arden called Glenn Bridge. Learn more about sponsoring an Asheville Habitat home. Contact Zoe Trout at 828-301-8206 or by email if you have questions.


Interested in being a Home Repair sponsor? Learn about our Home Repair sponsor benefits.

Corporate Sponsorship

Habitat is honored to have such strong and loyal business partners, and we’re always looking for new businesses who wish to join us in our mission of bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Businesses that sponsor houses and home repairs afford their employees the chance to work on the build site and connect with Habitat’s mission in a personal and meaningful way. Businesses benefit by receiving social media recognition among other benefits and employees are proud to work for a company that supports the local community.

Learn more about our sponsorship levels and Home Repair, or contact Zoe Trout at 828-301-8206 or by email.

Faith Sponsorship

Since our inception, we have welcomed people of all faiths, ethnicities, creeds and backgrounds to our organization and communities.

Faith communities play an integral role in our mission. The United Methodist and Presbyterian churches have sponsored Habitat houses for three decades! Episcopal churches have also been loyal partners, building a house every other year. And many diverse faith groups unite to build the annual House of Faith.

It is due in large part to the unwavering support from faith communities that we are able to serve so many families in Buncombe County.

Learn more about faith sponsorship opportunities by contacting Beth Coakley at 828-407-4487 or by email.

Other Sponsorships

Community groups, organizations, individuals, families, and foundations also sponsor Habitat houses. Some are done in memory or honor of a loved one. Some are sponsored collectively by a group of friends, like The Power of Ten. Some sponsors choose to be anonymous. Whatever your motivation or desire, Habitat will ensure a meaningful partnership for you, your family, or your organization/group.

Learn more about our sponsorship levels and Home Repair, or contact Zoe Trout at 828-301-8206 or by email.