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2021 ReUse Contest Winners Announced!

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The 2021 ReStore ReUse Contest – the 10th annual – ran from August 1st through September 30th.

Congratulations to the 2021 ReStore ReUse Contest winners!

Best in Show – Benny Varney Jr: crafted an adjustable, rotating coffee table from an assortment of antique items, including a 34″ flat wheel grist mill pulley, a barber shop chair pedestal, and a glass table top from the ReStore.

Benny Varney's winning entry. A flat wheel grist mill pulley and barbershop chair pedestal converted into a coffee table.

Best in Show – Benny Varney Jr.

Furniture – Paul Ginther: constructed a Montessori-style Kid Kitchen using an old school desk, cabinets, and reused 2×4’s.

Paul Ginther's winning entry in Furniture. A Montessori style kid-kitchen with working sink.

Furniture – Paul Ginther

Homesteading – Juana Gonzalez: built a chicken coop constructed from ReStore materials, wood donated by neighbors and friends, and miss-mixed paint from hardware stores.

Juana Gonzalez's winning entry in Homesteading. A chicken coop made from secondhand materials and miss-mixed paint.

Homesteading – Juana Gonzalez

Live/Work Space – The Aylestocks: built a tree house almost entirely with spare parts donated by neighbors and the larger community.

The Aylestocks' winning entry in Live and Work Space. A tree house cabin made from materials donated by neighbors and the community.

Live and Work Space – The Aylestocks

Home Decor – Angela Woehlcke: crafted a life-size R2-D2 replica from a 44 gallon recycling container, gutter downspouts, faucet insulators, and miscellaneous hardware pieces.

Angela Woelhcke's winning entry in Home Decor. A life-size R2-D2 replica made from a 44-gallon recycling container.

Home Decor – Angela Woehlcke

Art – Peri Allen: converted unfinished cabinet doors into wall art with painted geometric patterns, colors, and thousands of tiny raised dots.

Peri Allen's winning entry in Art. Geometric wall art made from unfinished cabinet doors.

Art – Peri Allen

Vans & Vehicles – Jordan Brown: converted a secondhand utility trailer, secondhand truck bed topper, and reclaimed deck boards into a homemade trailer camper.

Jordan Brown's winning entry in Vans And Vehicles. A converted camper trailer.

Vans And Vehicles – Jordan Brown

View before, after and process pics of the winner’s submissions in our blog post here!