ReStore Holiday Gift Guide

If you read our previous holiday blog post, ReThinking the Holidays, you might be considering a different sort of gift-giving this year. One that forgoes the usual shrink-wrapped boxes and clam-shell packaging for a more sustainable, secondhand approach. There are a dozen ways to give meaningful gifts without resorting to seasonal kitsch, but the following four ideas can help you use the ReStore as your one-stop shop for holiday giving.

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Gift Cards

ReStore gift cards are a great choice for your favorite treasure hunter or resident thrift queen. Receiving thoughtful antiques or vintage finds as a gift is always a joy, but for seasoned secondhand shoppers, the real fun is in the thrill of the hunt. When they do find the perfect rug, media center, or D.I.Y supplies, the gift card keeps on giving, as proceeds from ReStore sales support Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity’s home repair and homeownership programs. Sustainable retail therapy that benefits the community? It’s already on their wish-list for next year.

ReStore Gift Cards


Speaking of D.I.Y, let’s rid ourselves of the notion that a proper gift needs to be shiny and new from the factory. The process of rejuvenating, repurposing, or recycling secondhand goods results in gifts that are, quite literally, made with love. Whether you’re upcycling cans into camp mugs, crafting handmade tree ornaments with your children, or refinishing the perfect mid-century modern desk for your loved one, every D.I.Y gift is imbued with an intent and effort that says “I love you” more than a pair of shoes ever could – unless you’re a cobbler. If you’re not the type to think up a project on the spot (we’re not either), visit the Asheville ReStore’s Pinterest account, where we’ve been archiving great D.I.Y crafts and gifts for years.

Upcycled Cans For Camping Mugs – via Recyclart on Pinterest

Upcycled Cans For Camping Mugs - via Recyclart on Pinterest

Light bulb ornaments – via ArchitectureArtDesigns on Pinterest

Lightbulb ornaments - via ArchitectureArtDesigns on Pinterest
ReStore Bookstore books


Jolabokaflod, which is not a word we just made up, is the Icelandic tradition of giving and unwrapping books on Christmas Eve. Translating to “Christmas Book Flood” in English, Jolabokaflod celebrates sharing knowledge, interests, and time with your loved ones. Admittedly silent, studious time spent between pages, but time together nonetheless. Icelanders, it seems, understand that there is almost no better value in entertainment than a book. In fact, the only way you could improve on that value would be to buy used books. Not so coincidentally, both of our ReStores are home to lovingly curated secondhand bookstores, where most books only cost a dollar or two. Imagine the size of that Jolabokaflod.

If your loved ones are more likely to bond over music genres than fiction genres, the ReStore is also a great source for secondhand tapes, CDs, and vinyl records!

Gift Baskets

Perhaps, like many others over the past two years, your sister found herself with a new baking hobby. Maybe your cousin took up stitching or knitting, choosing to mend and repair clothes rather than replace them. Regardless of the hobby, you now want to engage them in their interests and empower them on their path to creative fulfillment and sustainable living. Gifting for these handy folks doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact, it’s easy at the ReStore. Not only does the ReStore sell building supplies and furniture, but we also have well-stocked selections of gently loved housewares and craft supplies. Like-new baking sheets, high-quality borosilicate glass mixing bowls, affordable bundles of yarn, and hook and needle sets are a common sight in the ReStore aisles. In one trip, you can find the fixings necessary for a thoughtful, tastefully arranged gift basket catered to your loved one’s hobby of choice – basket and all.

If you’re struggling with the process of giving this year, consider stopping by the ReStore to try an idea from this guide. The ReStore makes for a reliable source of secondhand gifts that support safe, affordable housing with every purchase. No matter what you buy, your patronage allows us to help more families spend the holidays in the comfort of their own home. How’s that for a gift?

P.S. – Most of the holiday shipping deadlines have already passed. If you need us, we’ll be right over here. (Be sure to check the Asheville ReStore and Weaverville ReStore Facebook pages for our holiday hours!)