What’s Cooking: Meet Blueprint Breakfast Chef Steven Goff

Using Tastee Diner as a force for good in the community

By Maddy Alewine, Communications Specialist

Chef Steven Goff looks back over his shoulder outside his restauarant

Steven Goff, chef and owner of West Asheville’s recently re-opened Tastee Diner, is one of nine local chefs generously donating their time and talents to our fall fundraising event- Blueprint Breakfast for Dinner.

Each chef will create their own breakfast themed dish inspired by what home means to them. Goff shared that he will be making a savory Dutch baby with country ham and Mornay sauce. *drool*

We sat down with Goff to learn more about Tastee Diner and why supporting nonprofit organizations is so important to him.

Amazing food, great drinks, and live music all to help build an affordable home -> buy your ticket today.

Hungry yet?

We’ll help tide you over until the main event with this creative and delicious recipe Goff shared with us that he likes to make for his family on slow mornings.

Chef Goff’s Coddled Eggs

Serves 2

2-4 eggs

½ cup jarred alfredo or cheese sauce

2 slices prosciutto or country ham

½ cup Rice Krispies

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. While it’s heating up, boil a kettle of water and warm the sauce gently in the microwave or on the stove top.
  • Next, ladle ¼ cup sauce each in the bottom of two oven safe ramekins or bowls. Top with a slice of prosciutto or ham and then gently crack an egg or two on top of the ham in each ramekin. Season eggs with a little salt and pepper. Place the ramekins into a small baking dish and pour the hot water around the ramekins to come about halfway up.
  • Bake the eggs for 15-17 minutes (closer to 17 minutes if ramekins have 2 eggs each) until the egg whites are just set. Top with Rice Krispies before digging in.