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Making Asheville a place that every one can afford

Locals businesses and individuals rally around the #build828 movement

By Maddy Alewine, Communications Specialist

Whether you are new to the Asheville area or have lived here for generations, you know that many people here struggle to afford a decent place to live. That’s where #build828 comes in- a monthly giving club to support Asheville Habitat’s work of building and repairing affordable housing in Buncombe County. Become a member- like West Asheville resident Kate– and you will get perks like a free tote bag and a ReStore coupon as well as the good feeling you get in building a stronger, more diverse community where everyone has the chance to thrive.

What better day than August 28 (8/28) to rally around #build828!  #build828 members are coming together to spend a volunteer day building affordable homes in Candler and many local businesses are joining by donating a portion of their sales. Thank you to these local businesses and all our #build828 members for helping more neighbors afford homeownership and keeping longtime residents from being priced out of their community!

Make a difference, without swinging a hammer on #build828 day.

For just $10/month – the cost of a monthly Netflix subscription- you can become a #build828 member. Join today!

Visit one of our #build828 partners who are donating a portion of proceeds to build and repair affordable homes in our community.

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