Interfaith House #19

About the House

TYPE: 3 Bedroom/ 1.5 Bath

STYLE: Arts & Crafts

HOUSE SIZE: 1,064 square feet

LOCATION: Lot 17, Arden neighborhood (Jon Kraus Way)

CONSTRUCTION START: Tuesday, September 26, 2017

STATUS: Siding completed, interior work

Meet the Future Homeowners

The Parrott Family

“By giving them a home to call their own and a yard to play in, I intend to show my boys the true meaning of honest hard work and perseverance.”

~ from Lindsay Parrott’s application letter

Lindsay Parrott has had her share of struggles, but she says firmly that she wouldn’t have it any other way. When her infant child showed symptoms of cerebral palsy, Lindsay refused to accept the prediction that he would never walk. Instead, she became wholly committed to addressing his needs, often at the expense of her own. When the stress became too much, Lindsay turned to alcohol to ease the pain.

As is often the case, the comfort Lindsay initially found in drinking led only to greater pain. When she realized that her life had become unmanageable, she took control and began a program of recovery.

Her road to recovery was long and grueling, but it made Lindsay the person she is today. As a recovering alcoholic, she found her voice. While many people are reluctant to speak openly about their addiction, Lindsay regularly shares her struggle with groups of people. In one such talk, Lindsay gained the attention of her current employer. Now a hand-selected Peer Support Specialist with Family Preservation, Lindsay works closely with child protective services to mentor addicted parents who have lost custody of their children. She maintains that if her story can be helpful to others, then her journey has been well worth taking.

With five years of sobriety under her belt, two beautiful children, her oldest son’s CP stabalized, and the job of her dreams, Lindsay had it all – except for a home of her own. With Asheville’s high and ever-increasing rents, all she could afford was a small, cramped apartment. Longing for stable, secure housing in a safe neighborhood where her boys could play outside, she began researching affordable housing options. When she read about Asheville Habitat’s homeownership program, she applied and was unanimously approved by Habitat’s Board of Directors. The boys are extremely proud of their mom and they are thrilled to know they will soon have rooms of their own. Lindsay and her boys will move into an energy-efficient 3 bedroom/1.5 bathroom home in Arden.

About the Sponsor

The house is sponsored by a gift from Ed & Patty Prestemon in memory of Jules and Eleanor Deyden, and by a diverse coalition of local Interfaith congregations in their 19th year of sponsorship.

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