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Volunteer Spotlight: Tom Weaver

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By Marty Steinberg
It’s deconstruction day. Habitat for Humanity volunteer Tom Weaver arrives early, as he always does. He meets the homeowners, John and Irene, who have decided to donate their kitchen cabinets and appliances to the ReStore rather than see them go into the dumpster or to the scrapyard.

A Glimpse into Deconstruction with Long-time Volunteer Tom Weaver

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By Kristen Keefer

On and off for over thirty years Tom Weaver has been lending a helping hand at Habitat jobsites in the U.S., Germany, and Poland. Around three and a half years ago Tom retired and just a few months later decided to try on a new hat as a Habitat volunteer. When presented with the opportunity to have the reverse of the building experience – de-installation from homes and places of business – he was intrigued. Tom recalled, “I quickly learned about deconstruction and said ‘that’s for me’!”

For homeowners, businesses, and building owners, Habitat’s Deconstruction program offers an alternative to sending salvageable items to the landfill. It is through the combined efforts of staff, property owners, and volunteers like Tom, that this process is made possible. Benefits serve all parties involved: property owners receive affordable removal of cabinets, fixtures and appliances; residents can buy these usable items at affordable prices at the ReStore; and landfills are relieved from the prospective burden of additional waste.

Knowing that the removed materials are sold at affordable prices at the ReStore, and that proceeds from sales help build affordable housing in Asheville resonates deeply with Tom. Being able to witness this process firsthand, while contributing to its motion is a reward that keeps him coming back. To date, he has volunteered six hundred hours of his time on deconstruction sites.

So, what is it like on a deconstruction site? Generally, Tom’s time is spent removing cabinets and countertops from kitchens and sometimes bathrooms. However, his experience extends to larger deconstruction sites like commercial businesses and hotels. Every deconstruction job is unique, contributing to both the challenge and satisfaction of the task itself. Tom’s message for prospective deconstruction volunteers: “Jump in! Go for it! Some people may get intimidated, but in the end you’re taking things apart, which is always shorter than putting things together.”

Tom’s cool, calm, and collected attitude carries him through obstacles on the deconstruction site. Never fretting when confronted with difficulty, he simply works through the tasks presented to him, adding new experiences to his skill set. Thank you, Tom, for your lengthy service with Habitat for Humanity, the immense knowledge you share on deconstruction sites, and your admirable attitude that is a reminder to us all to embrace our capabilities!

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Lift a Fork For Habitat!

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Our Biltmore Village neighbor, Rezaz, is currently under renovation. In fact, our Deconstruction team was there this morning extracting kitchen equipment, furniture, and displays – all of which will be for sale in the ReStore.

Rezaz will be holding a Grand ReOpening on Thursday, March 8th to reveal a new design, layout, menu and more.

15% of proceeds from lunch & dinner will be donated to Asheville Habitat, in support of the Business Bungalow House.

If you would like to support Habitat by lifting a fork instead of a hammer, make plans to be at Rezaz on March 8th. You’ll help Habitat while enjoying a remarkable dining experience provided by owners Laura and Brian Smith and their talented staff — all of whom will be doing a team-building work day at our construction site as well!

There are 30 seats available at the Chef’s Table in the Private Dining Room for $75 per person.  Reserve your tickets here.

Or, reserve a table in the main dining room (parties up to 4)! Reserve online at reserve.com. Lunch service starts at 11:30am, dinner at 5pm.

For parties larger than 4, please visit rezaz.com and click Contact.