Shiloh Home Revitalization

  • Sharpe

About the House

TYPE: 3 Bedroom/ 1.5 Bath

STYLE: Single-level, single family home

HOUSE SIZE: 1,064 square feet

LOCATION: On Chapel Park Place in Shiloh

CONSTRUCTION START: Tuesday, August 8, 2024


Meet the Future Homeowners

“We dream of having our own home to provide us true stability
and continue to grow in.”

                                                                                              ~ From Serina’s application

Serina Sharpe, a native of Asheville, has been on a multi-year journey in search of affordable housing and stability. Though things have not been easy for Serina, and she has experienced homelessness firsthand, she refuses to give up on her quest for stable housing.

Serina wants nothing but the best for her two daughters, and she continues to work hard to create the best life for them. Housing stability became her primary focus 3 years ago, which led her to wanting to become a homeowner. The area’s high-price housing market and sky-high rents made stable housing seem out of reach, but she refused to give up. She was determined to break the cycle of housing instability she experienced during her own childhood.

Serina turned to Habitat to obtain affordable housing and stability for her daughters. Homeownership and housing stability is now at their fingertips. She is purchasing a previously owned 3-bedroom Habitat home in the Shiloh neighborhood. To preserve Asheville’s affordable housing stock, Habitat often exercises the option to repurchase Habitat homes when the owner decides to sell. With support from Home Revitalization sponsors, Asheville Habitat undertakes renovations as needed to return the home to like-new standards.

About the Sponsor

Serina will purchase an affordable 3-bedroom Habitat home in the Shiloh neighborhood. Her future home is sponsored by Cassie Dillon.