2023 Christmas Jam House

  • Paul Mack
  • Dec. 7, 2023 at the Christmas Jam Wall Raising

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  • February 14, 2024

    Xmas Jam

About the House

TYPE: 1 Bedroom/ 1 Bath

STYLE: one level townhome

HOUSE SIZE: 774 square feet

LOCATION: Lot 14, Glenn Bridge in Arden


STATUS: roof sheathing soon

Meet the Future Homeowners

I dream of a warm home, my own porch, and a yard to drive up to every day. 

~from Paul Mack’s application letter

A U.S. Veteran, Paul Mack moved to Asheville in 2012 for a fresh start. He has been on a journey for housing and financial stability for over a decade now. With the help and support of organizations within the community, he has diligently worked on improving his credit and paying down debt to work towards financial and housing stability.  

Paul has prayed everyday about being part of the Habitat family and thanked God for the people he has placed in his life to help him accomplish his goal of homeownership with Habitat.   

By partnering with Asheville Habitat, Paul’s dream of a warm home, his own porch, and yard to drive up to has come true and he will be a part of the Habitat family. He is purchasing a 1 BR/1BA one-level townhome in the Glenn Bridge neighborhood in Arden.

About the Sponsor

Paul’s home is made possible by the W&S Foundation with proceeds from the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam. The Adopt-a-Lot sponsor is Sierra Nevada.