Women Build House #15

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About the House

TYPE: 2 Bedroom/ 2 Bath

STYLE: Townhomes

HOUSE SIZE: 1,296 square feet

LOCATION: Lot 7, Construction site at New Heights, off of Old Haywood Rd

CONSTRUCTION START: Tuesday, April 28, 2020

STATUS: interior work underway

Meet the Future Homeowners

I am honored to work with Habitat to build and purchase a nice, comfortable, and affordable home for me and my daughter. 

~from Ikia Drummond’s application letter

Ikia Drummond is a young single mother, full time hospice assistant, and part time nursing student at AB TechEmployed full time, often working overtime, Ikia still struggled to find a decent home for her and her daughter. Eventually she came to believe that finding a safe, affordable rental was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow- nothing short of magical.  

“I’ve settled with the challenges that come with living in my apartment, because the average cost of rent$1200/month, is too much for me to pay.” 

Strategically placing her couch so no one will fall through the hole in the floor, being mindful to only use two outlets because using 3 will trip the breaker, and parking down the street so she doesn’t have to replace another broken windshield, are the challenges that Ikia had come to accept as unavoidable. Then she attended a homeowner information session at Habitat.  

Habitat’s dedicated community of volunteers and sponsors, make homeownership a viable alternative to renting in today’s highcost market. While affordable units are rarely safe and safe units are rarely affordable, Ikia learned that affordability and safety are the most celebrated features of a Habitat home. 

About the Sponsor

Ikia’s 2 bedroom/2 bathroom townhome will be the 15th Women Build House, a home built and sponsored by women in our community. This will be one of the first new homes to be built in New Heights, Habitat’s largest neighborhood to date. The Adopt-A-Lot sponsor is in honor of two wonderful women-Mary Gurland and Bethany Williams.