Guided Self-Evaluation For Habitat's Aging in Place Homeownership Program

Answer the questions to see if our homeownership program is right for you!

Note: This is not an application.

Your answers will not be evaluated by our team.

This is a tool to help you evaluate your readiness for our program.

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Are you a US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident?

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Have you lived and/or worked in Buncombe County or Madison County for at least 12 months?

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Are you either a first time homeowner or willing to sell the home you currently own?

A first-time homeowner is anyone who has not had their name on a deed in the last three years.

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Based upon the number of people in your household (including yourself), does your gross monthly income (before deductions) fall between the minimum and maximum values on the chart below?

The minimum and maximum incomes are 40% and 80% of the Area Medium Income (AMI).

Homeownership Income Guidelines Aip 2024

For example, if you answered 3 for the number of people in your household, your total household income would have to fall between $2,410 - $4,820.

Aging in Place units are designed for individuals or couples age 55+. Larger households should apply for Habitat’s traditional homeownership program.

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Have you paid rent on-time for last 12 months?

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Do you have the documentation to support your rental payment history?

AAHH will accept a lease in your name, bank statements, or 12 months of cancelled checks if living with family.

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If your income is from employment, do you have 2 years of continuous employment history, including one year with your current employer?

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If you are self-employed, have you been self-employed in your industry for at least 2 years?

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Do you have less than $3,000 in non-medical collections balances?

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Do you have less than $5,000 in credit card debt?

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Do your combined monthly debt payments consume LESS THAN 18% of your gross monthly income?

To find out, total your monthly payments for installment loan(s) + auto loan(s) +student loan(s) +minimum credit card payment(s), then divide by your gross monthly income.

Example: Gross monthly income is $3,200. $300/month car payment + $50/month combined minimum credit card payments= $350 in combined monthly debt. 

Combined monthly debt divided by gross monthly income : 350/3200 =10%

In this example, the combined monthly debt consumes less than 18% of the gross monthly income, and therefore the correct answer would be Yes.

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Do your housing needs allow you to participate in Habitat’s application and sweat equity process, which, if approved, can take up to 12 months from the time of application to move-in day?

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Are you willing to partner with Habitat by completing at least 200 Sweat Equity hours?

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Do you have a qualified Need for Housing?

(Examples include living in over-crowded or sub-standard conditions, paying more than 30% of your income on rent, or living in temporary, subsidized or public housing, or you are unable to perform daily activities due to home conditions or accessibility barriers).