Building together for 40 years


Safe, stable housing is linked to improved health, better educational outcomes, financial stability, and much more. See data below.


With thousands already served, those seeking stable housing can see what safe, decent housing has done for others and what it can do for them.


Communities are built when neighbors connect. Through our homebuyer education program, neighbors get to know each other long before move-in day.

Since incorporating on February 11, 1983, thousands of local adults and children have benefitted from AAHH’s affordable homeownership and home repair program. Each home build and home repair project has been an exercise in partnership. Volunteers, donors, advocates, homeowners, and ReStore supporters – folks of various religions, ethnicities, socio-economic classes, and political beliefs – unite around a shared vision and build homes, communities, and hope.

We are grateful to all who have been part of the journey thus far. And we invite new partners to our work. There is still much work to be done, and it will take all of us.

Impact Evaluation

Leading up to the 40th Anniversary, we surveyed our existing homeowners to measure the impacts of homeownership.

“What I found in the data and when talking with homeowners is that the benefits of affordable homeownership are profound, and compounding…The dreams that people tell us about in their applications – dreams of safety and security, of opportunities for growth, of building a strong financial foundation– those dreams are being realized,” shared lead researcher Dr. Jessica Auer.