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  • The Habitat ReStore resonates with "Ashevillians" who are known for their love of love of reusing, repurposing and recycling. The ReStore gives your unwanted items a second lease on life.  The old saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure" holds true here.  And just because something leaves the a wok...for example, doesn't mean it will remain a wok.  One crafty woman turned a wok into a birdhouse for the Grove Park Inn's annual birdhouse contest!

  • Annually, more than 1,100 tons of usable materials are diverted from local landfills thanks to the ReStore and its donors and shoppers.  This is important because country-wide it is estimated that 10% to upwards of 25% of all solid waste entering the waste stream is from construction and demolition.  Likewise, experts estimate that 80% or 90% of demolition waste could be reused or recycled.  The increase in costs associated with sending materials to the landfill, coupled with an ever increasing number of landfill regulations, has driven the search for new and creative ways to keep these materials out of the waste stream.  With Deconstruction salvaging material and the ReStore selling the salvaged goods, Habitat reduces the amount of material sent to local landfills.

  • Habitat is committed to building new houses and preserving existing homes.  By shopping and donating to the Habitat ReStore you are directly supporting Habitat’s building programs and changing the lives of families in need of safe and decent housing.  Each year, ReStore proceeds cover all of Asheville Area Habitat's fundraising and administrative costs, build one complete house and pay for the foundation of every house built in Buncombe County!

  • Donate your unwanted items to the Habitat ReStore and we'll give you a receipt.  If you itemize on your tax return, you can deduct your donation(s) of merchandise.  Consult your tax advisor for details.