Music Builds Houses and Neighborhoods

Warren Haynes Presents: The Annual Christmas Jam has benefited Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity since the mid 1990’s. More than $1.8m in donations has translated into many Habitat homes and neighborhoods for families in need of safe, decent and affordable housing. One such neighborhood is Hudson Hills, home to the 2014 Xmas Jam House and 2015 Xmas Jam House. The name was selected by Warren Haynes and his wife Stefani Scamardo and honors their young son, Hudson. And with Warren’s blessing, we named the street into the subdivision Soulshine Court after one of his most beloved songs, Soulshine.

Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity is eternally grateful for the financial support and the awareness that the Xmas Jam brings to our affiliate and the families we serve. Please support the benefit concert that does so much for Asheville Area Habitat, local families, and the community at large. To learn more or to purchase tickets to the Xmas Jam, Jam by Day and/or The Christmas Jam Art Show, please click here.

And here are a few short videos to check out:
Meet one of our  Xmas Jam House homeowners.
Hear why Warren Haynes likes Habitat for Humanity.