Women Build House #14

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  • April 23, 2019

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About the House

TYPE: 4 Bedroom/ 2 Bath

STYLE: Townhome

HOUSE SIZE: 1694 square feet

LOCATION: Lot 10, Construction site at Curry Court in Candler

CONSTRUCTION START: Tuesday, May 7, 2019

STATUS: flooring, painting

Meet the Future Homeowners

“I look forward to the neighborhood teamwork, to lift each other up and to motivate each other to keep moving. Then when the program is over we can say to each other, and to the sponsors and volunteers, WE DID IT!”

~from Quintania Gregg’s application letter

Meet Quintania Gregg – future Curry Court homeowner and longtime admirer of Habitat for Humanity. After seeing her best friend become a Habitat homeowner, Quintania set her sights on the same.  She wants her children to have a decent place to live, and her current living situation is far from acceptable.

Quintania did her best to address the shortcomings of their current living situation. Recognizing that she was sharing an apartment with a growing family of rodents, Quintania notified the landlord. When the landlord refused to pay for pest control, Quintania paid for it herself. When a leaky water heater resulted in a $400/month water bill, she cut back on everything to keep the water on.  To limit their exposure to black mold, Quintania and her children all shared the least mold – infested bedroom.

What else could she do? Staying put was unbearable, but finding another affordable apartment was nothing short of impossible.

Quintania applied for homeownership through Habitat, and though her application was declined the first few times, but she would not be deterred. She secured a position with Care Partners that provided enough income to qualify, and continued working on her credit. Her third attempt proved successful, and Quintania was approved to purchase a 4-bedroom/2 bathroom townhome in Candler.

Overwhelmed with gratitude and proud of herself for achieving what had once seemed impossible, Quintania can’t wait to get started!  As a single parent, she is excited about the support she will receive from being part of a larger community.

About the Sponsor

Quintania’s home is Women Build House #14 – a home built and sponsored by women in our community. The Adopt-A-Lot sponsor is In honor of two wonderful women-Mary Gurland and Bethany Williams.