State Employees Credit Union (SECU) Foundation House- Madison County

About the House

TYPE: 3 Bedroom/ 2 Bathroom

STYLE: n/a


LOCATION: Madison County


STATUS: volunteers working on driveway, landscaping. closes October 25.

Meet the Future Homeowners

The Alshaer Family

“Homeownership is a big dream of ours and we would love nothing more than to settle here in Madison County where we could flourish as a family and give back to the community.”
~from Will and Savannah’s application letter

Will and Savannah Alshaer like to tell the story about how they met in their 10th grade horticulture class. It turns out that being paired together to study the cultivation of plants can be a great place to start a budding relationship! While the attraction was mutual, they were still young, so for a time, they went their separate ways.

Savannah went on earn her degree in art education while Will became an expert mechanic. When their paths crossed again, they realized that they were much better together than apart. The relationship that started in a high school class horticulture class had blossomed into true love. They married and moved to Mars Hill, NC.

When their family grew to include their 2 little girls, it made more sense for Savannah to stay home. Adjusting to one income was difficult, but Will was fortunate to be able to find a job that he loved. Working for Jan Davis Tire in Asheville added more time to his daily commute, but they were committed to staying in Mars Hill. The lush mountain views and the vibrant music and art scene appealed to this creative family. The fact that Savannah’s family lived close by, made Mars Hill the perfect place for them to raise their children.

They found the community of their dreams, but finding suitable housing turned out to be a nightmare. They rented a garage apartment that was advertised as a 2 bedroom, but after the first rain they realized the room in the basement was uninhabitable. They used a hose and a bucket to address the leak, and walled themselves off from the damp basement. They made the best of it with everyone sleeping in one bedroom, but there were additional problems. Two burners on the gas stove didn’t work and the place was impossible to heat. Savannah’s grandparents heard that Madison County Habitat for Humanity was looking for homebuyers and encouraged them to apply.

Savannah and Will are thrilled to be purchasing a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in Mars Hill, and you can be sure they will be using every room in the house!

About the Sponsor

The Alshaer’s home is made possible by the State Employees Credit Union (SECU) Challenge to build a Habitat house in every NC County. With SECU, Madison County Habitat for Humanity, and Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity working in partnership to build the Alshaer’s a safe and affordable home, the Alshaer’s can be part of a larger community while still remaining in the small town they love so much.

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