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About the House

TYPE: 3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath

STYLE: Townhome

HOUSE SIZE: 1520 square feet

LOCATION: Lot 8, Construction site at Curry Court in Candler

CONSTRUCTION START: Tuesday, March 5, 2019

STATUS: interior painting. installing kitchen counters.

Meet the Future Homeowners

“Given the opportunity to own my own home would mean the world to me,
because it would mean that my hard work has paid off.”

~ from Marcel Lytle’s application letter

As the youngest of three children from a single parent household, Marcel Lytle is familiar with the hardships of poverty. Moving from one apartment to the next, watching her mother struggle to provide their basic needs, and working to simply get-by, left an indelible mark. 

While most kids yearn for the freedom to roam, Marcel yearned for the opportunity to stay put. “I made a promise to myself, that when I became an adult, I would have stability.”

To say that she held true to that promise would be an understatement. Marcel has maintained employment as a CNA for the Oaks at Sweeten Creek for 7 years, and lived in the same apartment for 12.  Marcel succeeded in providing her children the stability she craved as a child, but not without compromise. 

Noisy, rotating neighbors, frequent, ignored maintenance requests – Marcel understood these were part of the deal. Neighborhood shoot-outs however, were not. The place she called home for over a decade had become unsafe. Staying put was no longer the priority. 

The journey to safe housing led Marcel to Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity, where she was approved to purchase a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhome in Candler. As a Habitat homeowner, Marcel can provide her children stability and safety, without compromising affordability. Curry Court will provide the backdrop to their childhood, and the sounds of children playing will replace the sounds of violence. “As a Habitat homeowner my children will have a safe place to call home forever, and Sunday dinners at mom’s will be a must!”

About the Sponsor

This home is sponsored by The Pulliam Foundation, Publix Charities, and Bank of America-Merrill Lynch.