Pisgah Investments Foundation and Friends of Habitat to Honor Lew Kraus and to Remember Jon Kraus

About the House

TYPE: 2 Bedroom/ 1 Bath

STYLE: Arts & Crafts

HOUSE SIZE: 1,064 square feet

LOCATION: Lot 1, Construction site off Taft Avenue in Asheville’s Shiloh neighborhood

CONSTRUCTION START: Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Meet the Future Homeowner

Future Homeowner Holt Pearce and his daughter

“I wanted to own my home so that I can have a stable and permanent place for my daughter”

 ~ Holt Pearce’s application letter

Holt Pearce came to Asheville because of the music of Warren Haynes. Anyone who has volunteered with Habitat’s Before the Jam, Lend a Hand program over the past eight years is already well acquainted with Holt. He is the kind of guy who places importance on helping others. As a Supportive Care Aid with the Autism Society, he works side by side with his clients at their place of employment.

Being completely deaf in his left ear and profoundly hard of hearing in his right, Holt can certainly understand the challenges his clients face and he is happy to be in a position where he can “lend a hand” for a living. Providing emotional support for his clients is not a job for Holt- it’s a passion.

Unfortunately, that passion doesn’t pay well and as a recently divorced single father, Holt has struggled to find affordable housing in Asheville. Not being willing to put distance between himself and his daughter, Holt was committed to staying in Asheville, which meant he would have to settle on living with a roommate. While this offered a temporary solution, he wanted to provide a home for his daughter where he didn’t have to worry about the needs of a roommate.

With his knowledge of Habitat, Holt decided to apply. He had helped many others on their path to homeownership; perhaps it was time to allow others to help him. To his delight, Holt was approved to purchase a 2 bedroom/1 bath, energy efficient home in the McKinley neighborhood of Shiloh.  He is very excited to work side by side with volunteers to raise another wall- this time his own!

About the Sponsor

This house is dually sponsored by Pisgah Foundation and “Friends of Habitat”; the foundation is a long-time supporter of Asheville Area Habitat, especially for its work in the community of Shiloh. “Friends of Habitat” is new group of caring individuals who want to build a home in honor of Habitat’s previous executive director Lew Kraus and in the memory of his son Jon Kraus.

To offset the cost of purchasing and developing a lot, Habitat has sought out sponsors to “Adopt-a-Lot” for $10,000. This lot is generously sponsored by Jerry Sternberg.

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