Grandpa’s House

About the House

TYPE: 4 Bedroom/ 2 Bath

STYLE: Arts & Crafts

HOUSE SIZE: 1,376 square feet

LOCATION: Lot 2, Construction site off Taft Avenue in Asheville’s Shiloh neighborhood

CONSTRUCTION START: Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Meet the Future Homeowners

The Bromley/Giannetto Family

“For years Tim and I have been dreaming of owning our own home… we want a Habitat home so that we can provide a stable future for our family.”

~ Jenny Giannetto

Tim and Jenny met 10 years ago while they were both working at Jersey Mikes. While that may not have been the job of their dreams it led way to the relationship of their dreams and this year Tim and Jenny celebrated their 10 year anniversary as a couple. A year after they met they welcomed their first child- a boy and then another boy and then came their little girl. Everything was falling into place with the exception of one thing- a stable home for their growing family.

Having been forced to move seven times in the past nine years, their attempts to find a safe and affordable home in Asheville seemed unattainable. They would just get settled in a place when the landlord would raise the rent compelling them to once again pack up the family to move one more time. With their oldest in school they didn’t feel that moving out of Asheville was an option; but they were starting to wonder if this was the life they wanted for their children. “We want a home that our children will have fond memories in and not just a blur of different houses.” Just when they were about to give up, their luck changed when they met another recently-approved Habitat future homeowner who encouraged them to apply.

A few months later Jenny and Tim are thrilled to be approved to purchase a 4 bedroom/2 bath home in Habitat’s McKinley subdivision in Asheville’s Shiloh neighborhood.

About the Sponsor

A local family is sponsoring this house, known as “Grandpa’s House” in honor of the memory of several generations of grandfathers who helped build the communities they lived in.

To offset the cost of purchasing and developing a lot, Habitat has sought out sponsors to “Adopt-a-Lot” for $10,000. This lot is generously sponsored by three families and is known as the The Snyder/Whilden/Fagan Children’s Lot.

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