Downing Street House

About the House

TYPE: 2 Bedroom/ 1 Bath

LOCATION: Downing St in the Burton St Community

Meet the Future Homeowners

“Being able to come together and make memories with family and friends is a blessing that some families don’t get to experience…to provide that would mean everything to me.”

– From Shana’s application letter

While Shana McEntire grew up in a rental, she built her most treasured childhood memories playing outside with her cousins and coming together as a family at her grandparents’ owner-occupied home.  Since then, she knew it was her dream to own her own home as well. Inspired to provide a safe home for her daughter, Shana began her career in healthcare. She found her passion in the health sciences and working with people, and trained to work in a variety of roles, including phlebotomy, medical assisting, and more. In her work, she has earned high praises among her colleagues and her patients.

Despite achieving excellence in her career, the rising cost of living has left Shana and her daughter with limited affordable housing options. In her current income-based rental, Shana lacks the long-term security that comes with homeownership. And recent crime in the neighborhood, including stray bullets entering her apartment, have sacrificed her immediate feeling of safety in the place she calls home. In search of a “more family-oriented, safe, and caring environment” for her daughter, Shana found her way to Habitat.

By partnering with Habitat, Shana will purchase a 2-bedroom single-family home in West Asheville’s historic Burton Street community.

Shana looks forward to having a safe place to make memories with her family, and tells Habitat, “My grandparents are no longer with us, but I know that me having my own home would put a huge smile on their faces.”

About the Sponsor

This newly built house was donated in part to Asheville Habitat by a neighborhood resident committed to supporting initiatives that increase access to housing. Additional funding came from The City of Asheville.