Deerfield Community and Foundation House VIII

  • Hyder
  • March 25, 2022

    Deerfield Lot 35 3.29.22
  • June 30, 2022

    Deerfield Viii 6.30.22
  • Teresa doing sweat equity at New Heights. July 27, 2022

    Tereseah Se 7.27.22
  • October 21, 2022

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About the House

TYPE: 1 Bedroom/ 1 Bath

STYLE: Aging in place unit

HOUSE SIZE: 884 square feet

LOCATION: Lot 36, Construction site at New Heights, off of Old Haywood Rd

CONSTRUCTION START: Tuesday, May 10, 2022

STATUS: painting, caulking, kitchen cabinets

Meet the Future Homeowners

“Life is meant to be lived, not just to survive. This is why
I want to have a home of my own.”

~ From Teresa’s application letter

Teresa Hyder is a natural caregiver. Teresa cared for her daughter through an extended illness and recovery, serves as peacemaker among her neighbors, and dedicates many hours and earnings towards the constant TLC needed to maintain her mobile home. Now, Teresa says, it’s time for her to care for herself.

For years Teresa has worked towards a dream of homeownership, but could not find a home in her price range or qualify for traditional financing. She and her daughter currently share a manufactured home designed for one person. She has little space to herself, and has spent large amounts of her time and savings on maintenance, including new paint, windows, doors and roofing. Teresa is ready to invest her industrious nature and caring energy, into her very own home that is built to last.

Teresa will be purchasing a brand-new Aging-in-Place townhome in New Heights. These townhomes are built with Universal Design elements that will allow her to remain in one place as her needs change with age. She will also enjoy the benefits of having her own space and not having to worry about constant repairs. Teresa looks forward to the financial peace of mind and comfort that comes with homeownership, as well as the joys of bonding with her new neighbors. “I want to live a simple life to the fullest,” she says.

About the Sponsor

The design and construction of these Aging in Place homes is made possible through our partnership with, and the generosity of Deerfield Charitable Foundation, and the Board and Residents of Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community. The Adopt-A-Lot sponsors are Roberts & Stevens, Attorneys at Law and generous Giving Tuesday donors.