Creekside Buyback

  • Kravchyshyn

About the House

TYPE: 2 Bedroom/ 1 Bath

STYLE: Single family home

HOUSE SIZE: 884 square feet

LOCATION: In Shiloh off of W Chapel Rd



Meet the Future Homeowners

“We’re very thankful for an opportunity from Habitat to build a house that we can live in, enjoy, and feel safe.”

– from Igor and Halyna’s Application Letter

Asheville Habitat’s newest homebuyers, Igor and Halyna moved with their youngest son from Ukraine to Asheville four years ago, following their eldest daughter who had already found and embraced Western Carolina. Here, they found community and learned from friends about the possibility of Habitat homeownership. Despite steady employment and a commitment to building a stable foundation in the United States, the current housing crisis combined with Halyna’s developing medical issues, has left this family unable to invest in their future.

Last spring, Igor transitioned out of his career as a mechanic to become Halyna’s full-time caretaker. Being priced out of Asheville’s home buying market, the family currently lives in a subsidized rental apartment, sacrificing comfort for affordability. This trade-off has become increasingly costly as Halyna’s medical conditions developed further, making it increasingly difficult for her to access their 2nd floor apartment, and making it all the more essential for this family to have space, as well as peace and quiet.

By partnering with Habitat, Igor and Halyna will be purchasing a 2-bedroom single family home in Shiloh. They look forward not only to the ease that comes with accessibility, but also to financial security and a feeling of safety in their neighborhood. Halyna is especially excited to have access to green space and fresh air right outside of their very own home.

About Buybacks

People move for all kinds of reasons, and when it makes sense, Asheville Habitat exercises our right to repurchase, make renovations, and then sell the home to another individual or family who qualifies for our program. This preserves affordable housing stock and provides another family with the opportunity to improve their housing.

Igor and Halyna will purchase a previously owned Habitat home that is energy-efficient and Green Built-certified. The renovations are made possible in memory of Marty, Mary, and Herb Gurland.