40th Anniversary House made possible by a lead gift from Eaton Charitable Fund

  • Brockwell

About the House

TYPE: 3 Bedroom/ 1.5 Bath

STYLE: Single family home

HOUSE SIZE: 1,064 square feet

LOCATION: Lot 1, New Heights, off of Old Haywood Rd in West Asheville

CONSTRUCTION START: Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Meet the Future Homeowners

“This home will give me something to pass down to my kids and
something I was never blessed with – a space of their own.”

-From Haley’s application letter

Future homeowner Haley Brockwell is caretaker, both in her work as a medical assistant and in her daily life as a single mother of 2. This fact is palpable in the way that Haley describes her passion for working with her patients, and the way she talks about her children. She describes both of her children as smart, sweet, and sensitive. Haley works hard to fulfil their needs and support their passions in music and sports, and carefully expresses her pride in seeing her daughter embrace her role as an older sibling.

Growing up, Haley frequently had to move, and her biggest goal is to give her children a stable place to live, and a place to call their own. As an Asheville native with family in the area, she is determined to make it happen, without having to leave the place she calls home. Despite her long-term efforts to solidify her Asheville roots through homeownership, sky-high housing costs have left the family temporarily renting a subsidized unit and just getting by.

By partnering with Habitat, Haley will be purchasing her forever home in West Asheville’s New Heights neighborhood. As the first person in her family to become a homeowner, she looks forward to building generational wealth, and to being able to pass her home down to her children. In her application letter, Haley tells Habitat, “Having a permanent place to really plant our own family roots is something I have only ever dreamed about.”

About the Sponsor

The home is Habitat’s 40th Anniversary House, built in celebration of Asheville Area Habitat’s 40-year history of building homes, communities and hope. The lead gift comes from Eaton Charitable Fund who will match gifts from the community – up to $20,000! The Adopt-a-Lot sponsors are Roberts & Stevens and Giving Tuesday donors.