Bank of America and the Rusty Pulliam Foundation House

  • Babych
  • July 15, 2022

    Lot 31 Boa Pulliam
  • August 5, 2022

    Boa Pulliam
  • October 21, 2022

    Boa Pulliam 10.21.22

About the House

TYPE: 3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath

STYLE: two-story walk-out townhome

HOUSE SIZE: 1,672 sq. ft.

LOCATION: Lot 31, Construction site at New Heights, off of Old Haywood Rd

CONSTRUCTION START: Tuesday, June 7, 2022

STATUS: flooring underway

Meet the Future Homeowners

We would like our children to have a safe place to play, relax, and feel comfortable.”

~ From Olena and Oleksandr’s application letter

Oleksander Babych and Olena Prudnikova have lived in Asheville for five years since moving from Ukraine. Their family of four has grown increasingly cramped in their small apartment as the children have gotten older. Their living situation has further deteriorated due to incidents of theft, health concerns over mold, and noisy, frequently changing neighbors.

Oleksander and Olena have long dreamed of – and saved for – an adorable 3-bedroom home to call their own. The couple want their teenage daughter and son to have their own rooms and to live in a community where they feel safe. Oleksander supports their family through his work at Cyclone Plumbing, but due to rising house prices in Asheville, and by virtue of being low-income, the couple was unable to purchase a home they could afford on the open market.

In partnering with Habitat, the family will purchase a 3-bedroom townhome in family-friendly New Heights. They will have plenty of space for their family to grow and the ability to build lasting relationships with their neighbors. In their application letter, the couple happily shared their plans to grow a garden, set up a trampoline for the kids, and decorate their new porch with beautiful flowers.

About the Sponsor

Olena and Oleksandr’s future home is made possible by Bank of America and the Rusty Pulliam Foundation. The Adopt-a-Lot sponsor is an anonymous donor.