Coming Home to Candler!

Over the next decade, Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity will empower another 1,000 individuals and families in the region to improve their housing and build strong, stable futures.

As the Asheville area continues to rapidly grow, we face challenges in terms of affordability, available land, and living wage. And we’re not content simply doing what we’ve always done. Building a mix of housing types more fully addresses our region’s housing needs, offers choice to buyers, maximizes land use, and is a more sustainable approach in the face of these challenges.

To that end, we are piloting townhomes in our new Curry Court neighborhood in Candler. We will build 4 single-family homes and 8 townhomes, increasing the number of individuals and families we can serve in that neighborhood by 25%.

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Video: Paul Reeves, Construction Services Director, talks about Curry Court.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Asheville Habitat starting to build townhomes?

A: Building only detached single-family homes is no longer the best business strategy due to limited and unaffordable land and rising infrastructure and development costs. Additionally, maximizing land use is an environmentally-smart strategy.

And, not everyone wants a single family detached home. Building townhomes creates greater housing choice. A combination of single-family homes and townhomes increases the number of homeownership opportunities in a Habitat neighborhood by 20-25%.

Q: Will Asheville Habitat still build single-family homes?

A: Yes. Habitat determines house type based on the unique context of the site. In Candler, we we will build 4 single-family homes and 8 townhomes.

Q: Are the townhomes for sale or rent?

A: Sale. Townhomes, like our single-family homes, will be sold to individuals and families who qualify for Habitat’s affordable homeownership program.

Q: Will the townhomes have a yard?

A: Yes. Townhome owners will own the land (their yard) around their home.

Q: Do other Habitat affiliates build townhomes?

A: Yes. In North Carolina and around the country, townhomes are popular in places like Asheville where land is limited and unaffordable.

Q: Aren’t other non-profits (MHO, for example) and for-profit developers already building multi-family affordable housing?

A: Asheville Habitat, Mountain Housing Opportunities, and other non-profit housing agencies all share the goal of reducing the affordable housing crisis. The ways we create affordable housing vary because our programs are unique. Agencies complement – not compete – with each other. For example, we are the only non-profit housing agency that solely focuses on affordable ownership. Despite our collective efforts, we still fall short of meeting the affordable housing needs of our community. And we’re always open to collaborative opportunities to achieve greater impact.

Q: Will the cost of a single-family home and a townhome be the same?

A: All Habitat homes, regardless of type, are affordable. A homeowner’s monthly mortgage payment will not exceed 30% of their income.

Q: How will it be determined who buys a single-family home vs. a townhome?

A: Asheville Habitat matches future homebuyers with available homes that best meet their needs for affordability, accessibility, household size, aging in place, etc.