5 Reasons to Donate to Asheville Habitat

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What does a donation to Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity really do? What’s the impact? We’ve taken a closer look at the top five reasons to donate to Asheville Habitat this holiday season.

1. Bridge the racial homeownership gap.

It’s no secret that a legacy of bad, racist housing policy at every level of government has left people of color behind. Nationally, the rate of white homeownership is 70% while black homeownership is 42%. That gap is larger today than when the Fair Housing Act was passed in 1968. Homeownership is the primary way families accumulate wealth and Asheville Habitat works every day to help close the racial homeownership gap and expand access to stable and healthy homes. People of color make up more than 40% of Asheville Habitat’s mortgage portfolio compared to 5% of all homeowners in our region. Habitat’s thriving diverse neighborhoods defy the lies behind residential segregation. Hundreds of successful Habitat mortgages disprove the myths justifying “redlining” and predatory lending. A donation to Asheville Habitat makes homeownership possible for all of our neighbors and combats a legacy of discrimination.

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2. Children thrive in stable housing.

Research shows that poor housing quality is the most consistent and strongest predictor of emotional and behavioral problems in children. When parents pay an affordable mortgage, for a safe home, in a thriving neighborhood, children have fewer school absences, higher grades, better health outcomes, and more educational opportunities. A donation to Asheville Habitat helps provide a stable foundation so children can thrive.

3. Longtime residents can remain in their homes.

Say your home has been in your family for generations, but you are no longer physically able to walk down the stairs and out your door. Or a lack of insulation leaves you freezing and with a high utility bill every winter. There are roughly 60,000 low-income homeowners in Buncombe County and for a lot of them, these crucial repairs are too expensive and their living conditions suffer. Our Home Repair program provides critical repairs at an affordable cost so homeowners can live with dignity and safely in their home. Homeowners like Mark and Carol are no longer at a risk of homelessness because of holes in their flooring. Kenneth, a retired veteran, can continue to live on the land in Kenilworth that his family has owned since slavery, because of the ramp our team installed. A donation to Asheville Habitat allows homeowners to age in their communities.


4. Every cent of your donation goes towards construction.


When you give to Asheville Habitat, you’re not paying employee salaries or keeping our office lights on. 100% of your donation goes directly to the construction costs of our Home Repair and New Home construction programs. Every dollar of a donation to Asheville Habitat helps build strength, stability, and self-reliance for another family in Buncombe County.


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5. Break the cycle of poverty.

We believe a decent place to live is intricately tied to better opportunities. It’s not uncommon that Habitat homeowners are the first to own a home in their family. What does stable, affordable housing mean for them? It’s having a choice over when and why you move. It means parents can have financial stability and children can focus on school. It doesn’t wipe the majority of a household’s earnings away each month. When you donate to Asheville Habitat, you are helping families have the opportunity to break the cycle of generational poverty and achieve financial security.