Home Repair Projects

Habitat's home repair program for low-income homeowners gives folks an opportunity to get much-needed work done affordably. Program participants would not qualify for traditional lending due to limited income, but Habitat offers no money down and 0% interest financing on a short-term loan. Monthly payments may be as low as $25/month depending on the scope of work. Below are just a few examples of the projects we have completed.

Habitat helped Carl Bowers, a man known for taking care of his yard and that of his neighbors. With limited ability and limited income, he welcomed Habitat's support in the form of prepping and painting his home (following Lead Safe work practices) and doing a myriad of repair work including fixing broken window panes, re-glazing windows, repairing window sills, installing storm windows, and more. See pictures of this project.

Volunteers and staff helped Inez Whitson, an elderly woman whose house was in need of exterior cleaning and painting. They power washed the house with detergent/bleach to remove mold, scraped all loose paint, and prepped the surface. After caulking and priming, they painted the house with quality exterior enamel. The crews also replaced gutters, repaired rotten wood window sills, re-glazed windows and installed a moisture barrier in the crawl space. To see photos, click here.

The Mobleys were eager for Habitat volunteers to rebuild their screened-in porch and do some exterior painting. Floyd suffered a stroke and Ruth, who is retired after working at the VA Hospital for 20 years, also has many health concerns. Unable to complete the needed repairs on their own, the Mobley’s welcomed Habitat’s crews. “It’s a real blessing to have y’all come work on our home.” Being on a fixed income, while also helping care for Floyd’s disabled sister who lives with them, Ruth said, “We’ve known for a while we needed work done, but it’s hard to save up to pay it all at once. We’re very fortunate to have a low monthly payment option.”

Justine Baird purchased her home nearly 40 years ago. A widow, she has raised her children in the home following her husband’s death in the line of duty as a police officer. Justine discovered our repair program through a yard sign when her neighbor partnered with Habitat. She was excited to have volunteers work on her home to make the needed repairs affordable, and she enjoyed getting to know the volunteers. Volunteers removed an old front deck and build a new one; prepped, repaired and stained a back deck; and assisted with minor repairs to window, siding and gutters.

An elderly widow living on her own, Ann Dansby remains active and engaged in her community. And though she still works as a housekeeper, she lives on a tight fixed income which made it difficult – well, impossible - for her to address a significant plumbing issue. And she needed not only a plumber, but someone to deconstruct and rebuild her bath/shower to make it usable again. Mrs. Dansby was thrilled to learn about Habitat’s home repair program and even more thrilled to learn she qualified. Habitat did all the necessary work, at a price she could afford.

Barbara and Kevin Wilkerson had attempted to undertake some needed painting and maintenance on their home. However, raising three children on a limited budget made it difficult to attain their goal. They were thrilled to qualify for Habitat’s Home Repair program and were excited to welcome and work with the volunteers who were helping to replace siding, paint the home’s exterior and install new gutters. Kevin remarked, “This program is just such a blessing. We’ll be able to rest easier knowing our home is in better shape, and having it done for a payment we can afford is unbelievable.”  







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  • “Safe and decent shelter is a basic human need that knows no geographic boundaries.  Here in Buncombe County and in partnership with five other countries, we strive to eliminate substandard housing."

    ~ Lew Kraus, Executive Director of Asheville Area Habitat.

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