Become A Part Of The Solution

“Habitat has a way of taking average people and helping them recognize that we all have the capacity to share our rich blessing by simply investing our time, our money and our friendship with those around us.  Our firm is so pleased to play a role in this process and to offer our encouragement and support to families in need.”
- Scott Hughes, Johnson, Price & Sprinkle (house sponsor)            


Habitat is a community partnership that brings staff, volunteers, donors, advocates and families together to help local families.  Together, and with the Habitat model, we can help families bridge the gap between wages and housing costs and realize their dream of homeownership.  Won't you consider becoming part of the solution?

FACT: Fair market rent for a 3 bedroom rental in Asheville is $900/month.  Many families pay far more than 30% of their income towards rent and still live in substandard housing because that's what they can afford.

FACT: A working family in Buncombe County with 2 adults and 2 children needs to earn, on average, a total of $45,262 annually to afford basic living expenses.  This family would need to earn a combined hourly wage of $21.76, which is $7.26 more than the $14.50 per hour earned through working two minimum wage jobs ($30,160 annually).

FACT:  With such a huge discrepancy between housing costs and wages, more and more families are forced to live in substandard housing.  This can include no running water, mold and mildew, lack of access, overcrowding, and unsafe neighborhoods.

FACT: A Habitat mortgage payment is typically less than what a family previously paid to rent a substandard apartment or house.



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