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  • Kitchen cabinetry and appliances are popular products among ReStore shoppers.  Our Deconstruction team will carefully de-install and remove your cabinets, countertops, and appliances so that they may be used by someone else.  We will also remove flooring down to the sub-floor.

  • Reusing flooring material, especially hard wood, is an increasingly popular way to "go green".  Our experienced team will careful remove salvageable wood or laminate flooring, down to the sub-floor, to ensure the salvaged material finds a new home elsewhere.

  • Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity will consider large jobs that require the complete deconstruction of a house (or similar building) down to the foundation, salvaging for reuse as much as possible.

  • If you're looking for someone to remove an outbuilding from your property, look no further than our Deconstruction team.  Our experienced and skilled team offers complete dis-assembly and removal of garages, barns and other out buildings.

  • Time for a bathroom remodel?  Call our Deconstruction team and they'll remove your vanity, commode, shower or tub, along with any lighting fixtures and flooring that you are replacing.

  • For all the things that don't fit neatly in another category - decks dis-assembly and removal of reusable boards; removal of usable siding; deconstruction of playground equipment; construction warehouse clean-out - give our Deconstruction team a call!