Our Staff

Executive Director Lew Kraus has been at the helm of Asheville Area Habitat for 25 years and is the longest-serving Habitat affiliate Executive Director.  Under his leadership and commitment to the mission of Habitat, the staff will not rest until all Buncombe County families have a safe and decent home. 

Administrative Staff

Administrative staff can be reached at 828-251-5702.

Executive Director, Lew Kraus
Development Director, Kit Rains
Sponsorship Coordinator, Betsy Warren
Annual Campaign Coordinator, Ann Hubbard 
Grants Coordinator, Laura Collins
Communications Director, Ariane Kjellquist
Communications Coordinator, Greta Bush
Program Director, Joan Cooper
Office Manager, Laura Walker
Finance Director, Ed McGowan
Accounting Specialist, Gretchen Camp
Family Selection Coordinator, Byron Alday
Family Support Specialist, Pat Bacon
Family Support Administrator, Jeff Paul

Construction Services Staff

Director of Construction Services, Paul Reeves 
Construction Services Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie Wallace
Construction Manager, Keith Levi
Construction Administrator, Sumaya el-Attar
Senior Construction Supervisor, Kenny Busch
Construction Supervisor, John Meadows
Construction Supervisor, Robin Clark 
Home Repair Supervisor, Joel Johnson 

ReStore Staff

Questions about MERCHANDISE FOR SALE or MERCHANDISE DONATIONS or to SCHEDULE A PICK-UP, please call 828-254-6706.

ReStore General Manager, Scott Stetson
ReStore Donations Manager, Jay Sloan
ReStore Volunteer Coordinator, Carrie Burgin
Scheduling Coordinator, Piper Parker
ReStore Bookstore Manager, Susan Haynes
Upper Showroom Assistant Manager, Brian Haynes
Lower Showroom Assistant Manager, Scott Bianchi 
Receiving Assistant Manager, Eric Tamila

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