Our Families

Habitat homeowner families are a reflection of Asheville; in one word - diverse!  Habitat homeowners are of varying races, ethnicities, ages, family sizes and make-up.  There is no "typical" Habitat family.  Habitat homeowners all "worked hard but fell short" due to the huge discrepancy between local wages and housing costs.  And all qualified for Habitat's homeownership program based on need, residency, willingness to partner and ability to pay.  All families accepted the "hand-up" offered by Habitat, completed a minimum of 200 hours of sweat equity, signed their closing documents and started the next chapter of their lives as homeowners.  Some families have paid off their mortgages, some will be making their very first mortgage payment this month!  All Habitat families wanted what all of us want - and deserve: a safe, decent and affordable home.

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