The Impact of Habitat

• More than 1,000 lives have been directly impacted by our work since 1983. Thousands more have been indirectly impacted due to ripple effect into future generations.

• With homeownership comes the opportunity for increased employment and educational opportunities.  Many homeowners see a child (or themselves) go on to college, becoming the first in their family to do so. 

• The Habitat ReStore (and Deconstruction) diverts more than 1,400 tons of usable material from the landfills every year.

• In 2010, 1 in 34 houses (or 3%) built in Buncombe County was a Habitat house.

• In 2012, Asheville Area Habitat spent more than $3.1 million with local subcontractors and vendors.

• Collectively, Asheville Area Habitat homeowners paid nearly $231,000 in property taxes in 2012.

• By providing homeownership opportunities to working families in Buncombe County, families are able to live in the community in which they work; in turn, more money is reinvested locally.