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"Habitat transcends theology, race and economics.  Habitat unites people around a common goal." 

~ Lew Kraus, Executive Director


Safe and decent housing provides families an opportunity for stability, security and personal and professional advancement.  Yes, we build new houses and help preserve existing homes.  But we also change lives.

Author and Asheville Area Habitat board member Wayne Caldwell sums it up best:

"The first time I visited one of our early partners, she was in public housing. It was cold, the dead of winter. She was heating a 4-room apartment with the kitchen range. I don’t have to tell you how debilitating that is.  People who worry about that kind of thing don’t have energy to worry about saving for college. They don’t have energy to give back to their community. They don’t have energy to encourage their children in school. They don’t have energy to contribute to their church or a civic club or any of that middle-class stuff a lot of us take for granted. They just want to be warm, dry and safe.

The good people in these Habitat houses will not have to worry about warm and dry and safe. They can take that for granted, and spend their energy on family and community, church and friends."

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